If You Were Entering This Career Today, Would You Change Your Preparation In Any Way?

The hiring manager needs to know that you understand the evolution of your industry. A question like this helps him to determine whether or not you are aware of developing techniques, strategies, and approaches.

Your interviewer hopes you have both experience-proven skills and abilities that are newly improved to keep up with the changing industry. Answering this question in a positive way and including descriptions of the various new methods you would learn to prepare for this job will help him to know if you are both adaptable and aware of important industry issues.

Points to Emphasize

Your response helps to show your interviewer that you are a lifelong learner whose abilities adapt to change. Highlight your skills and talents to show that you are ready to accomplish great things.

  • Discuss skills you have developed especially for the work at hand.

  • Talk about the courses and training you have had that helped you to perform your job better.

  • Discuss the changes you have witnessed in the field.

  • Explain how you have adapted in various ways to ensure that you are the best candidate for the job.

Demonstrating an understanding of the ways your market and field have changed will help to prove that you are the ideal candidate.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

Interview questions and their responses help hiring managers to discern a cohesive view of your value as an employee. To avoid pitfalls that may harm that perspective:

  • Do not be afraid to discuss ways in which you have already had to adapt.

  • Do not appear to be ashamed of an education that precedes various professional developments.

  • Do not discuss your skills as if they do not measure up for the work to be done.

  • Do not fail to emphasize your positive life experiences.

HIring managers understand that just about every field changes rather rapidly, especially in this digitized world. Your presentation of your skills as still applicable and formidable will help to assure him that you are the right candidate for the job.

Sample Answer

The ideal answer to a question about ways you might prepare if you were entering this career for the first time today may sound like this:

This field has a changed a great deal since the days when I first entered the workforce. Education and life, though, taught me long ago, too, that every person who performs a task worthy of his time should work as hard as possible to stay at the top of the game. There are many things I would do to improve my skills. In fact, I work toward self-improvement every day of my life.

Your interviewer will be impressed both by your tenacity and your willingness to acknowledge examples of self-improvement goals.

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