Do You Have Questions For Me?

Towards the end of the interview it isn’t uncommon for a hiring manager to ask if there are any questions you want answered. They’re looking for you to ask questions because it shows that you’re prepared for the interview and engaged in the conversation. When you ask questions it shows the interviewer that you want to make sure this company is a good fit for you. That shows that you are truly interested in a future with the company.

Points to Emphasize

When you get asked this question there are a few topics you want to make sure to bring up.

  • Ask questions about the company’s management style, a typical work week or if the interviewer likes working for the company. This will give you a good feel if you would fit well within this company.

  • Ask about the position you are interviewing for like specific starting dates and special responsibilities within the company.

  • Find out if this position is new or not. This will allow you to find out what happened to the previous employee, or if it’s new to show how creative you are with ideas for the position.

  • Ask about the timeline with questions like how soon will they want you to start if you were to get the job or how soon should you expect to hear from them.

    Make sure to have some ideas of questions that you should ask, so you seem prepared.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    There are many questions that you should avoid asking.

  • Don’t ask questions that make you seem uninformed. Questioning what the company does will make you look like you’re not that interested in the company.

  • Wait until you get a job offer to ask about your vacation time. If you have prior commitments you can wait to bring those up until you are closer to getting the job.

    • Don’t ask about changing the work schedule.
  • Do not ask if you got the job. They’ll tell you when they know.

    Avoid questions that make it seem like all you do is take time off of work.

    Sample Answer

    Here’s an example of an appropriate question for the interviewer:

    I did want to ask you about the management style used in the company. Is it hands on or hands off Do you like working under this management style Has the supervisor for this position worked with someone with these responsibilities before, or is it going to be new for them

    Make sure all of your questions are positive, and give the interviewer time to answer. Use this time to make sure that you would fit well with the company.

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