Do You Have Plans For Continued Study? An Advanced Degree?

Hiring managers want to know what your goals are, or if you have any goals. When they ask if you plan to continue studying to get a higher degree or just to better yourself, they are looking for your motivation. Someone who isn’t interested in learning more may be at a dead end. Employers want to make sure that you have more to offer their company, so they try to get a feel for what you think your future might look like. This will show them how self-aware you are.

Point to Emphasize

When answering this question, explain how your goals revolve around learning, even if you don’t plan on getting another degree.

  • If you don’t plan on getting an advanced degree, mention that you want to continue attending seminars and workshops that will help you stay up to date in the field.

  • If you do plan on getting an advanced degree, mention how you want to become better equipped to improve the company by getting a degree you can use in that position.

  • Talk about your professional goals. How reading related journals and staying informed about new technologies will help you reach those goals.

  • Mention how you want to continue learning, but not at the company’s expense.

    Focusing on how you are always trying to educate yourself is a good way to answer this question.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Be honest about your plans, but don’t put down the importance of continuing education.

  • Do not mention that you hated school and are glad to be done.

  • Don’t say you will continue educating yourself only if you get paid to do it.

  • Talking about how you know everything you need to would be a bad answer.

  • Do not make it sound like education will get in the way of your work schedule.

    Employers want to make sure that you will better yourself and their company. Education is important, so make sure to put the right emphasis on it.

    Sample Answer

    A good answer about continuing your education may go like this:

    Making sure I stay well informed is very important. I don’t want to fall behind on new technologies, so I will attend seminars, workshops, on-the-job training and other courses sponsored by the company with great enthusiasm. It’s important to me to be at the top of my game, so I can be the best employee that I can be. That being said, doing this job will be a great way to continue my education too.

    Your interviewer will learn a lot about you as you answer this question. Show them you’re a good fit.

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