Do You Find Your Job Exciting Or Boring? Why?

If an interviewer asks you if you find your job exciting or boring, they don’t necessarily care too much. They do want to know what you think, but only because that can tell them about your values and what interests you. Getting bored at a job is partly the position and partly what you bring to the table. If you do not try to challenge yourself, the hiring manager may be able to see that by the way you answer this question. They are also trying to see if this job would seem boring to you. The interview is a process that allows the interviewer to get to know you. That’s what they are trying to do with this question.

Points to Emphasize

When you answer this question, make sure to bring up certain traits and experiences that make you a qualified candidate for the position.

  • Briefly answer the question, but focus most on the why.

    • Talk about how you challenge yourself.
    • Discuss what this job has helped you learn.
    • Give an honest answer.

    No matter if you find your job boring or exciting, you want to give an honest answer that shows positive skills.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Try to avoid these mistakes when you answer this tricky question.

    • Do not play the blame game.
    • Be careful not to give a negative answer.
    • Try not to be too vague.
  • Do not forget to do some research about the company, so you know the values of the company.

    Keeping your answer positive and detailed will help the hiring manager get a better idea of what is important to you.

    Sample Answer

    Here are two examples of an answer to this question:

    I find my job to be boring. Of course, there are ways I make it more exciting throughout the day, but I feel that I have learned everything I can from that position. I do not want to stop learning, so I know I have to find a new job. I want to be challenged, and I think that this position is the perfect challenge for me. This company is intriguing because I know they are always coming up with new ways to challenge their employees.

    I think that my job is very exciting. I have learned so much in that position. The company does a great job of making sure that everyone feels needed, which I believe is a big part of the excitement. However, I think that a position in this company will continue my excitement and help me grow even more.

    Remember, no matter how you answer to keep it positive.

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