Do You Ever Take Work Home With You?

When a hiring manager asks you if you take work home with you, there are a number of reasons they may be asking. They might be trying to see if you are organized enough to get work done at work. They may be trying to see if you are dedicated enough that you would be willing to take work home if the need arose. They could be trying to assure that you maintain a work-life balance, which is important for your productivity. Either way, the interviewer is trying to ascertain some of your work values.

Points to Emphasize

Because there are two really distinct answers, it is important for you to know what points to emphasize.

  • Do some research, so you know what is expected at that company.

    • Know the company culture.
  • Answer in a positive way that shows that you are willing to do the work necessary.

  • Bring up traits that show that you are capable of getting your work done in a timely fashion.

    Knowing what the company values is going to be a big asset in answering this question.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Make sure to avoid these pitfalls when answering this potentially tricky question.

    • Do not stress values that are contrary to the company.
  • Try not to give a negative answer, meaning do not make it sound like one way is a particularly bad way to work.

  • Be careful not to sound too definite, especially if you are unsure of the company’s values.

    • At the same time, do not give a vague answer.

    Answering this question in a truthful way may help you and the interviewer figure out if you are a right fit for the company.

    Sample Answer

    Here are two great sample answers that might help get you started:

  • I am an extremely organized person, so I tend to be able to get my work done at work. However, if the need arose I would not be against taking work home. I try not to make it a habit, since I do value my free time. I do realize though that the work we do is important, and sometimes you have to do what needs to be done.

  • I do not shy away from taking work home with me. I know that meeting deadlines and doing outstanding work sometimes means taking a bit of it home. I do not have a problem doing that when the need arises.

    Make sure to give an honest answer. Lying about taking work home may turn out badly for you if it is required and you do not do it.

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