Do Other People In Your Company With The Same Job Title, Have The Same Responsibilities?

When you walk into a professional interview, you may be asked, “Do other people in your company with the same job title that you hold have the same responsibilities” The hiring manager wants to know how you will react to his or her company’s work environment. For instance, are you used to working alone or with a team Why are you seeking the position If the interviewer inquires about others who have the same job title in your current place of employment, these are the questions he or she wants to answer. Your response also gives the hiring manager insight into your level of leadership experience.

Points to Emphasize

No matter your situation at your last job, you want to spin this answer into a positive. Show how you’ve succeeded in your past position.

  • Focus on how the division of responsibilities fosters professional growth.

  • Emphasize teamwork and how you work with others to be effective.

  • If you work alone, showcase time management and organizational skills.

    • Highlight why you are ready to move on.

    Give the interviewer some peace of mind with an assurance that you are excited to work for his or her company. Hiring managers are drawn to genuine interest and enthusiasm.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    Though it is important to emphasize that you are ready to work with a new company, do not accidently give the impression that you disliked your old position.

    • Avoid talking negatively about your last job.
  • Avoid talking negatively about your coworkers or supervisors.

  • Unless directly asked, do not comment on the effectiveness of your last company’s practices.

    • Avoid being timid or evasive in your reply.

    Hiring managers want honest and confident individuals so don’t overstate your responsibilities. Take care to speak clearly and give the interviewer the information he or she wants to know.

    Sample Answer

    Here is an example of a good answer to the question about your current job responsibilities:

    The owner of my branch has several stores, which are all run by different general managers like myself. We all have the same general list of responsibilities such as ordering inventory, hiring, training and accounting. Additionally, we meet to report on our individual stores and help each other with any issues. I look forward to continue working with a team while having the opportunity to advance even further in my field.

    Remember, focus on the good of your past job such as the opportunity to work with a team or develop organizational skills. The hiring manager wants to know what you are capable of so showcase your abilities in your answer.

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