Describe Your Work Style?

When a hiring manager asks you questions about your work style, what they are really asking is how well you would fit in with the company culture and the job itself. While it may seem as if the employer is trying to determine whether or not you are a hard worker, they are really trying to decide whether you are a team player. If you are not, are you willing to adapt and partake in collaborative initiatives as the job demands. They are also using this information to determine how well you value the employee and employer relationship. Any answer you give needs to be carefully thought out to showcase your abilities to work independently and with others.

Points to Emphasize

When answering the question, your ability to articulate your work style takes center stage.

• Be sure to let the interviewer know if you enjoy working alone or on a team.

• Let the hiring manager know how you respond to feedback and criticism.

• Emphasize any collaborative and independent work skills you have that pertain to the role you are applying for.

• Any skills and abilities you have need to be stated in straightforward fashion.

Highlight any skills that are relevant to the question that portrays you as the best candidate for the job.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

How well you explain your collaborative and independent abilities showcases your ability to think and communicate about yourself. To avoid answering this question the wrong way, prepare yourself before your interview. Avoid saying things like:

• I prefer to work alone.

• I’m a hard worker with good communication skills.

• I go above and beyond to meet and exceed all work goals.

• While I don’t prefer to work with others, I can and will do so as needed.

Hiring personnel want to see creativity, self-expression and honesty in your answers. Don’t over or undersell your abilities. Be truthful, thoughtful and prepared to describe your work style in a smart way to showcase how well you’d mesh with the job and work environment.

Sample Answer

A great response to use for a tough work style question is:

I am able to adapt to any workplace. I try to maintain a fast pace during my work shift to remain focused while completing my tasks. I strive to be efficient and strive to ensure all work is completed properly and without error. I work well on my own, but am more than happy to work with others for collaborations or team-based projects. I take my position seriously, and am completely dedicated and driven to succeed.

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