Decline Interview Letter

What to Do if You Get an Interview After You Get a Job

Sometimes the job process means sending out tons of resumes in the hopes of getting interviews. Some companies get back to you sooner than others. If you did this and already got a job, but then you hear from a different company that wants to meet you, it can be tricky to know what to do. You want to make sure to act professionally throughout the entire situation. That is where a decline interview letter may come in handy.

A letter can be sent out in two situations. If you get an interview request, but recently got a job, you can send this type of letter. Alternatively, if you have done some more research and decided that this company is not for you, you can send out a decline letter.

Now, you want to make sure to send this letter with tact. You may not want to work for this company now, but you don’t know what your professional future holds. You do not want to unduly burn any bridges. You need to make sure to send a professional, polite letter. By focusing on the format and content, you can achieve this professionalism in a decline interview letter.

The Format

The format for this type of letter is similar to that of many formal letters:

  • Your name, address and contact information; most commonly in the top right corner

  • The date; most commonly directly under your information

  • The name of the addressee, company name and address; commonly on the left side under your information and the date

  • Greetings; include the name of the person who would have interviewed you

  • Content; make sure this is all left aligned and broken into paragraphs

    • Ending Salutations; under the content
    • Your signature; after the salutations
    • Your printed name; after your signature

    Make sure that your decline interview letter follows this format, or one similar to it. It will come off as professional, which can help show your trustworthiness and integrity.

    The Content

    The content is the more important part. Yes, you want the letter to look professional, but you want to make sure to include tactful, important information. In the first paragraph you want to make sure to thank them for agreeing to meet with you. Remember, shortly before you were hungry for interviews. Show them that you care about their time and are glad that they were willing to meet with you.

    Let them know why you do not want to have an interview. If you already accepted another job, this is easy. Let them know that you recently accepted another job. However, this part can be harder if you decided that they aren’t the right fit for you. Be honest with them. Let them know that you feel like this company is not right for you at the moment. Be honest, but don’t be rude or put down their company.

    You also want to let the reader know that you wish them the best. A decline interview letter does not have to be you cutting the chord with this company. You want to have a large network, so that if you are ever seeking a job in the future you will have many options. That’s why it is important that you send a thoughtful letter. Let them know that you hope to meet them in the future.

    This type of letter is important because it lets the interested company know that you are no longer interested. It shows you’re honest and straightforward. You know that their time is important, so you don’t want them to waste it on you because you already found a job. Make sure that if you are writing a decline interview letter that you do it with tact, confidence and friendliness. This will help keep you on good terms with this company, and ensure that your network continues to grow.

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