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What to Expect in a Customer Service Interview

When preparing for a customer service interview, it is important to remember that you want your people skills to shine. Most customer service jobs are focused on serving others, so be prepared to give an example of a time when you listened to a customer and effectively assisted them with their needs. Good communication and listening skills are essential in any customer service job, regardless of the industry.

Interviewers will also likely want to see your problem-solving skills. Customer service jobs usually involve moments when conflicts need to be resolved; therefore, be ready to show that you have superior self-control when handling negative situations. This can be accomplished by sharing an experience when you had patience and were able to calmly handle a customer that was unhappy.

Tips to Remember


Mentally preparing for your interview is important to your success. Here are some key things to remember prior to your interview:

· Come ready to share examples of times that you handled difficult situations with a positive attitude. The interviewer will probably want to know if you can tolerate challenging conditions without becoming negative. It may be helpful to discuss a time that you turned a seemingly hopeless situation into a positive outcome for both the customer and company.

· Another important skill in customer service jobs is empathy. Share with the interviewer a time when you were able to recognize how a customer felt and convey empathy to them.

· Customer service is part of many industries. As a customer service employee, it is critical for you to be assertive and take control of the situation. Highlight your assertiveness while simultaneously showing that you are not aggressive or demanding.

General Skills to Highlight


Whether you are going to be interacting with customers in person, over the phone, or via email or chat, interpersonal skills are critical. Interviewers will want to see that you possess skills such as the following:

  • Communication – Communication is fundamental in any customer service position. You need to show that you can speak clearly and positively.
  • Listening – Active listening involves proper body language, such as nodding and making eye contact, and shows the customer that they are being heard. It also involves asking clarifying questions to make sure you understand what the customer needs.
  • Positive attitude – Illustrate your gift of helping a customer see the bright side of things, even during a difficult situation.

In a customer service interview, you want to convey your ability to positively serve customers. By highlighting your interpersonal skills, your interview will be a success.

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