Customer Service Representative Interview Questions And Answers

Customer Service Representative Interview Questions and Answers

Before you step into an office for a professional interview, you should take the time to adequately prepare for what may happen. This includes doing a fair amount of research on the company, position and industry. The information will help you answer job-related questions about how you might handle certain situations. Also, you can better align your responses with what the company is looking for.

Customer service representative interview questions and answers will focus on your interpersonal abilities and conflict resolution skills. These are perhaps the most important tools for a successful customer service representative. As such, you should present yourself as capable in this regard.

Most Common Inquiries

While you will not be able to anticipate all the questions you will encounter, there are a few common inquiries that you should expect. As you compile a list of practice queries, incorporate these customer service representative interview questions and answers:

  • How do you deal with upset clients?

Whether you represent a company in-person or on the phone, handling upset customers can be very difficult. As a customer service representative, you must be able to cope with these situations well. When you respond to the hiring manager, mention how you will begin by listening carefully to the customer’s perspective and reassure him or her that you can resolve the issue. Next, you will use your knowledge and experience to find an appropriate solution and follow up with the customer afterwards.

  • Are you proficient with computer technology?

In many cases, you will use computers to access customer accounts, communicate and/or resolve problems. With these customer service representative interview questions and answers, your hiring manager does not need you to understand the nuances of coding. Instead, you simply must be proficient with basic computer functions and software. Most likely, the company will use its own special program, so you will receive job training regarding enterprise-specific software. You will not be expected to have experience with such technology.

  • How do you handle call escalation?

In call centers, call escalation is a common occurrence. Sometimes, customers have already had multiple points of contact yet still need to resolve an issue. What the hiring manager wants to know is how you will respond when a client asks to speak to a supervisor. Each company has a different procedure for these situations, so mention that you would follow protocol. However, also include that you would first attempt to obtain as much information as possible and try to deescalate the issue.

· Do you understand the goals you are expected to meet?

A customer service representative does more than answer phone calls. He or she is also responsible for meeting company goals and standards. The hiring manager wants to know that you are dedicated to achieving the objectives set for you as an employee. These might be things like maintaining a reasonable average call time, transfer rates and total call escalations.

These standard queries will help you prepare and practice for your job interview. While this is not a comprehensive list, these customer service representative interview questions and answers will give you insight into the process of applying for a job in this industry.

Develop a Response Method

As you create your own responses to standard inquiries, write then down. This process will help you organize your thoughts and pinpoint the most important elements of a quality reply. Do not memorize customer service representative interview questions and answers. Instead, focus on incorporating your professional selling points into your responses.

It can often be helpful to develop a response method. Start with understanding the intent of the question and cover the basic components of a professional interview answer. This flexible framework will help you tackle unexpected inquiries with greater ease.

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