To What Extent And In What Ways Do You Think The Skills I Use Most In My Current Career Are Transferable To Your Career? | Interview Video

If you have ever talked with anyone that is interested in pursuing a career in the same field as you, they may have asked you some intriguing questions. When they ask how the skills that they use in their current job could transfer, they are trying to figure out if they would have to get extra training. If the skills are transferable, they might be able to just jump right in. They also might be on the fence about switching their career to this particular field. That would meant that they are asking this question to try and figure out if this new career is going to be a long-term fit for them. They are also trying to figure out if this new career will fit in with their goals.

Points to Emphasize

Make sure to answer this question by highlighting some important points.

· Talk about the skills that you use on a daily basis to do your job.

· Discuss any similarities to your job and the career they are thinking of leaving.

· Tell them about training opportunities or seminars they could attend that would help them make the transition.

· Give them the best answer you can, or point them in the direction of someone who might be able to give a better answer.

Honestly talk to them about how they could use their skills in your career field.

Mistakes You Should Avoid

While there are certain points you want to emphasize, there are also some things that you would do better to avoid.

· Try not to give a negative answer. If you think that this person would not do well in your career field, find a nice way to tell them.

· Do not tell them what they want to hear. Give an honest answer that will help them make an informed decision.

· Be careful not to talk poorly about your company or competitors.

· Don’t give an evasive answer.

By giving them a details answer, you may help them find the perfect career path.

Sample Answer

Here is an example of what a great answer to this question might look like:

Communication and critical thinking are two pretty universal skills, so they would correlate well into this career path. However, you want to make sure that that’s not all you have. It’s important to be innovative, tenacious and diligent. If you’re interested, there is a seminar next week that will really highlight what you need to be successful in this career.

Answer in a way that shows them the skills they need for this career, and some ways to get them.

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