Could You Take A Brief Look At My Resume And Suggest Ways I Could Tailor It To Make Myself More Marketable In Changing From My Current Career Field To Your Career Field?

Someone interested in completely changing careers might schedule an informational interview with a person in the field they are interested to learn more about that field. If you are the interviewee for this interaction, you should be prepared to answer questions like: “Could you take a brief look at my resume and suggest ways I could tailor it to make myself more marketable in changing from my current career field to your career field?”

Someone asking this question probably realizes that their resume would most likely not be very viable if a job opening came up at your company. They are trying to gain insight into what hiring managers are likely to look for and see if they need to acquire more skills or experiences before making the switch.

Points to Emphasize

After taking a quick look at the interviewer’s resume, you should incorporate the following points into your response.

  • Give your honest opinion
  • Make recommendations on improvement (even if those suggestions are small)
    • Discuss what you would look for in a resume
  • Stick to talking about points that are relevant to your particular career field

    If someone asks you for an informational interview, then they are probably not looking for a job right at this moment. However, they will most likely be looking for a job in the future, so it is helpful to get vital advice early on.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    You cannot really go wrong when you are just giving your opinion, but watch out for these small errors.

  • Do not be overly critical of a resume (always be constructive)
    • Avoid saying that you wouldn’t change anything
  • Avoid saying that it’s impossible for the interviewer to change careers with his or her resume
    • Do not take too long looking over the resume

    This question should not require you to thoroughly analyze the interviewer’s resume to see what can be altered. Only take a minute or so to see what the most important thing is that needs to be changed.

    Sample Answer

    After looking over the resume, your answer should go something like this:

    Well, working in this field requires a good deal of computer knowledge, which you do not really seem to have. I would recommend gaining some basic experience with various computer softwares and adding it to your Special Skills section.

    The person interviewing you might not be the best person for your career field right now, but with the right guidance, they could eventually prove to be an asset to any company they apply for. That includes your business.


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