Cook Interview Questions And Answers

As a cook seeking a new position, you may be tempted to rely solely on your food prep skills. However, employers are likely looking for individuals with a wider range of capabilities, and the interview is your opportunity to show them that you are the best fit for the position. While specific questions may differ depending on the exact position, there are a few questions that you can anticipate. Below are a few skills you will be expected to demonstrate and some potential cook interview questions and answers.

Ability to Perform Under Pressure

Employers will want to know that you have the ability to handle an influx of customers along with unanticipated situations. You will likely be questioned on your ability to handle major rushes throughout the day. Additionally, you will probably be asked about handling these situations in cases when it is short-staffed. Below are a few expected potential questions and responses you may encounter during the cook interview.

· During a rush how would you ensure efficient and quality food preparation?

“Rushes are a common part of the daily cooking routine, and it is important to be prepared for situations that arise. In response, I follow streamlined and efficient approaches to each dish to ensure that they can be completed during busy times.”

· If you found yourself understaffed during a rush, how would you handle the situation?

“It is important that each dish is prepared to perfection even under pressure. I have specifically developed strong multitasking skills to ensure that I can complete tasks efficiently even without available help.”

People Skills

In the restaurant industry, you are expected to interact with a wide range of individuals. Employers will likely ask how well you deal with both difficult customers and colleagues. No matter how strong your abilities as a cook, you can expect to encounter difficult people. Here are some of the cook interview questions you may encounter, and some potential answers.

· How would you approach a customer that has complained about your dish?

“When approaching a customer, it is important that they feel listened to. Therefore first, I would carefully acknowledge the customer’s concerns, inquiring about the specific issues with the plate. I would then work to resolve the issues, ensuring that the individual was satisfied.”

· How do you approach dealing with a coworker that you don’t get along with?

“While differences can happen, it does not affect my ability to produce quality food. I would talk to my coworker to work toward resolving any disagreement or miscommunication. More than likely a resolution could be reached.”

Safety Skills

Restaurants can pose a variety of health risks for both its customers and its employees. Much of the potential hazard arises in the kitchen, and as a cook, you are responsible for keeping people safe. Therefore, it is important to employers that you clearly demonstrate you ability to mitigate potential hazards. If you have a safety certificate, you will want to provide it. In addition, you will want to be prepared to answer the following cook safety interview questions.

· How do you ensure the safety of your customers?

“When preparing food, I confirm that all of the tools have been cleaned and sanitized. I also utilize only fresh ingredients that have been appropriately stored at adequate temperatures. Finally, I double check that my hands are washed and wear gloves.”

· How do you ensure the safety of fellow workers?

“ With a range of dangerous equipment and hot pans along with a number of people in the kitchen, it is important that everyone is aware. As a result, I always communicate with workers that I’m behind them or passing, and clearly identify hot surfaces.”

It is important that you not only demonstrate your cooking but also demonstrate your ability to handle the restaurant environment. Preparing yourself for these potential questions could greatly help you secure the job of your dreams.

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