How Much do You Know About Our Company?

When called to schedule an interview with a new company, it is very important that you take the time to research the business. Are you aware of their vision for the future? Do you know their history and how they were built? If you cannot answer these questions, you must do your research. To learn more about how to prepare for your interview questions about your potential employer, the following provides a simple guide for even the newest member of the workforce.

Start at the Source

The first step to take when learning about your possible employer is to search for their main web page. Due to the far-reaching capabilities of technology, almost any business now has a website filled with information about their history, employees, values and plans for the future. These aspects are usually listed in a section labeled “About Us.” Here you can learn about why and how the company was started, what services they provide to their customers and what roles different employees play within the business. Other ways to learn about the corporation include:

· Social media pages.

· Customer reviews.

· Newspaper articles.

After you have taken time to learn about the building blocks of the company, it is time to start applying your answers to your own skill sets. If the bank you are interviewing with highly values professional customer service alongside a welcoming atmosphere, make sure you can explain how you can be part of these features. Additionally, some companies may not advertise that they are trying to be eco-friendly, but if you see this on their website, tell them how you can help the company push this to the forefront.

Be Aware of Questions

Many companies will want to hear how much you know about their company. They may ask if you know how large it is, where headquarters are located and what services they provide. However, you also need to be prepared to answer questions about yourself and your skill set. For example, if the hiring manager asks you what you believe to be essential aspects of success in this career field, you need to be able to answer with confidence and knowledge. For example, if you are applying at a newspaper for a journalist position, talk about how your skills in communicating with others and writing focused pieces while being able to work under a deadline will make you successful.

You may also be asked if you intend to pursue future education. If you feel you are unlikely to do so, do not tell this to your impending employer. If they ask you this, know that they value professional trainings, educational courses and other means of improving your skills to in turn progress the company. A good way to answer can be along these lines: “ I always enjoy learning and expanding my skill sets. I am eager to attend classes or take online courses to help me become a knowledgeable employee and learn how this industry is evolving.”

Speaking of industry, you will likely be asked to inform the hiring team what you know about this specific one. Obviously every industry has a unique history, but what will help you stand out from the rest of the interviewees is how you apply the answer to the future of the field. You can also discuss other companies within the industry and how they are impacting the market. Are they targeting different sectors? How does the company you want to work for fit into the big picture of this industry? Remember to think vision and future, not specific and minute details.

Share Your Passion

Almost anyone interviewing for a job, whether it be for a teaching position, a job as a bank teller or managing a technology company will be asked why they want to work for the company. What really matters in your answer is that you relate your reason to your knowledge of the company. If you are trying to get a job with a non-profit, tell them how you admire how much they have helped the local community through their fundraisers, food banks and clothing giveaways. Then you can add in how you long to be part of that, knowing that you and your fellow employees are making a positive difference in your city.

When it comes to answering questions about the company you applied with, take your time to research the business while figuring out how this information relates to your own skill set and passion for the career field you chose.

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