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During your junior year of high school, you will likely be visiting a lot of college campuses trying to figure out which one is the best fit for you. There are numerous aspects of every college to take into consideration like overall reputation, athletic programs and faculty. While you are looking at colleges, you should also see if the colleges you are interested in offer campus interviews. College interviews are often not integral to getting accepted, but it can be a chance for someone who works for the college to get to know you better.

These interviews are a great opportunity for you to show your genuine enthusiasm for the college and to offer information that cannot be gathered from your transcript. For example, if there was a drop in your grades during a certain period in high school, then you can use this time to talk about why that drop is there. If your grades suffered because of a health-related issue, then your interviewer may tell you how to bring that up on your college application so that the review committee will take that information into consideration. Overall, this interview is purely meant to see if this college is right for you, so you should be prepared to answer certain questions and ask some questions of your own.

Questions You Will Be Asked During a College Visit Interview

You may not be asked all of the following questions during a college interview, but you should still be prepared to discuss these inquiries in length.

  • Why are you interested in attending our college?
  • What do you have to offer to campus life?
  • What are your biggest strengths? Weaknesses?
  • What adjectives would you use to describe yourself?

  • What do you want to do after you graduate from college?

    • What are some of your favorite activities?
  • What is one thing you would change about your current school?

    As you can see, interviewees are often asked a wide range of questions that are used to determine a prospective student’s goals, background and personality. You should perform plenty of research before the interview in order to fully understand what the university has to offer. You should also be prepared to talk about your experiences in high school and how those experiences make you well-prepared to attend this college. You should be ready to talk about all of the accomplishments you have gained in all of your extracurricular activities and talk about what subjects you are most interested in.

    Although you cannot technically fail a college interview, this is your chance to make a good impression on someone who works for the college. This is the stepping stone to building your list of connections so that if you actually attend this school, there will be someone you know and can turn to for advice. The most important thing to remember is to be honest with your responses. Do not say a subject is your favorite just because you think it will impress the interviewer. Be truthful so that you can be given relevant and useful advice on what major to study and what career field to think about pursuing.

    Questions You Should Ask During a College Visit Interview

    This interview should not just be you answering questions. You should feel free to ask some of the following questions to get a better sense of college life.

    • Why should I attend your college?
  • What advice do you have to offer to an incoming freshman?

  • Can you tell me more about this athletic program/honor program/scholarship?

  • How does this college deal with emergencies like violent crimes and harsh weather conditions?

  • How does this college help students get internships and career planning?

    These questions help give the interviewer the sense that you are serious about attending this college and that you have done your research to gain a general sense of what the campus offers. However, by asking these questions, you might learn that a college does not have a key thing you are looking for. Perhaps an athletic program you are interested is not as well-funded as you once thought. You should be completely satisfied with the college you choose to go to, and if this particular college does not meet your standards, it may be time to look elsewhere. You have nothing to lose by scheduling a college visit interview and potentially everything to gain.

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