Cna Interview Questions And Answers

As a CNA, you have the opportunity to work in a variety of settings including nursing homes, personal homes, assisted living facilities, adult daycare centers and hospitals. While specific tasks will vary based on the institution, there are a number of skills that all employers are looking for when hiring a new CNA. As you prepare for an interview, there are a few questions and answers that you should prepare.


Potential employers want to see that you are fully prepared for the demands of the position. Because there are a number of difficult tasks involved, they need to know that you are ready to handle them. In addition, most institutions want to ensure that you will be loyal to their company and will stay with them for an extended time. You want to make sure that you don’t criticize or bash previous employers. Instead, focus on what you learned from the experience. If you are new to the field, you want to highlight your educational experience and your eagerness to grow within the company. Here are some potential interview questions and answers that can help you address your previous experience.

· Why did you leave your previous position?

“I learned a number of skills with my last employer. However, I feel that my specific expertise and interests can be better utilized at your company. I am looking forward to growing in new capacities here.”

· You are new to the CNA field. What can you bring to the company?

While I am new to the field, my educational experience has prepared me to for a number of tasks. I am passionate about the field and am excited to start growing here”

Personal Qualities

While it might seem a little irrelevant to ask about your personality, it is an important piece of CNA work. Because you will be working with a number of people who cannot take care of themselves, it is important that you have the qualities necessary to provide the best care. As such, employers will likely ask you why you are passionate about the position and what relevant personal qualities you possess. As you approach this line of inquiry, you want to make sure that you are specific and honest. You should work on preparing the following CNA interview questions and answers.

  • Why are you interested in working as a CNA?

“I feel that each individual deserves the best care no matter what their illness. When my grandmother approached the end of her life, she received optimal nursing care that greatly improved the quality of her final years and days. I am passionate about providing the same care to other individuals.”

· What qualities do you possess that will help you in this position?

“I am particularly good at paying attention to detail. As a result, I am able to notice changes in patients’ conditions. For example, in my last position, I observed a subtle change in my patient’s breathing patterns. I quickly brought this to the attention of the supervising nurse, and the patient was appropriately diagnosed. I believe even the smallest things can make an important difference.”

Future Goals

It is common for interviewers to ask about your future goals because many CNAs go on to become nurses or medical assistants. The company wants to make sure that you will be with them for several years rather than quickly moving to a new career. As such, you want to make sure that you do not indicate that you don’t want to be a CNA in the future. Instead, focus on how you want to contribute to the institution. Here is a sample approach to this line of questioning.

· Where do you see yourself in the next several years?

I am dedicated to providing care to individuals, and I want to gain substantial experience in the field and establish myself in the medical field.”

Working as a CNA is difficult and demanding, and employers want to ensure that you are dedicated to the task. As you prepare CNA interview questions and answers, you want to make sure to highlight the skills that make you perfect for the position.

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