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You worked hard to get your resume in order, and the company was impressed. You’ve gotten called in to do an interview. You know you have the skills necessary to be a great case manager in that hospital, school, or agency. You believe you have the heart and determination to give the job the best that you have to take care of the people put in your charge. Knowing and believing these things, however, don’t always keep nerves down when heading to the interview. It is always important to prepare ahead of time by reviewing what kind of questions to expect in your case manager interview.

Client Care

Client care is going to be your number one priority in every duty you have in your position. The company will be looking for signs that you understand what it is to take care of and manage others’ tricky life situations. Here are some questions you may be asked:

  • What does client care mean to you?

· Can you tell me about a time you had success with a client? How were you able to solve their problem?

· Can you tell me about a time you were unsuccessful with a client? What did you learn from the experience?

· Have you ever dealt with angry or exceedingly difficult clients? How did you handle that situation or, if you’ve never experienced it, how would you handle it?

· When was a time you had to take corrective measures with a client, coworker, or subordinate? Would you do anything different?

  • How do you handle work under pressure?
  • Can you handle a large caseload?
  • Why do you want to work for us?
  • How can you make this a better company?
  • Why did you become a case manager?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?

Being able to work with different people with various temperaments under the stress of paperwork, driving, and making calls is key to your success at this company. These questions will show your interviewer whether or not you are truly passionate about serving those in need in the community for a long time to come. Prepare ahead of time to come up with the best examples of your work experience.

Flexibility and Skills

Often, your job will require you to have other skills. These skills are more general in nature, but will complement how you do your job. They could even help your interviewer determine whether or not you will be effective in your position as a case manager. Here are some questions you may be asked about necessary skills and flexibility:

· How flexible is your schedule? Will you be available on short notice? Can you work late nights, long hours, and/or weekends?

  • Would you consider yourself an organized person?

· How do you plan to prioritize and execute your calls, paperwork, and visits?

· What is a weakness of yours? How do you overcome it in the workplace?

  • What is a strength?

· What are some general skills you bring to the table? How will these help you to be a great asset to this company?

While you always want to answer as truthfully as possible, make sure to highlight the best skills you learned or gained from past experience. Having a flexible schedule can be an important quality for a case manager position, so you’ll want to make clear what you are and are not comfortable with. Being able to handle the pressure of various duties is also very important. If you will be working with a large caseload, you will still be required to finish paperwork on time between your meetings, calls, and visitations.

Whenever it is appropriate, provide examples of how you’ve dealt with these duties in the past and how you’ve made adjustments to make them better. Come prepared with your answers and be confident in your ability to be a great case manager all around.

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