Giving a job interview can be one of the most intimidating events in your professional life. In most cases, you are communicating with an entirely unfamiliar individual. Within a short span of 30 minutes to an hour, you are trying to obtain a lasting impression of a candidates qualifications and personality. With time and preparation, you can improve your interviewing skills for the BestJobInterview. Do not think that you can just “wing it” during an interview because you can quickly look quite foolish if you are not well prepared. There are three easy steps that help you to strengthen you interviewing skills: prepare a list of effective questions, prepare your environment for an effective interview, and outline the entire interview and hiring process.

Prepare a List of Effective Questions

One of the biggest assets for any job interview is a set of carefully written, effective questions. These questions help to guide the interviewer through the process and obtain all the information needed to find the most qualified candidate. Do not simply print off a list of questions used by others without review. In many cases, these questions might not be well suited for characterizing the skills of the candidate relating to your specific job or they might be outdated or poorly written. The best idea is to gather a host of questions used previously by your organization and research online for other questions that will create the BestJobInterview.

Carefully outline the responsibilities and needed qualifications that a candidate will need to have to be well qualified for the job. This list will help you to identify and create questions catered specifically for a job. Do not think that you can use one list for different jobs because this list will not help you really know if the candidate is specially qualified for a job. When you are picking interview questions for the BestJobInterview, it can be tempting to select questions that try to trick the interviewee. Questions like “What is your great weakness?” or “When have you done something dishonest in the workplace?” might appear to help you learn a lot about the candidates, but these questions only create a false interview environment where the candidate treats the interview like a game.

The BestJobInterview will have effective questions like the following (but remember to cater them specifically to the job):

• Can you describe an experience where you showed independent thinking?

• Can you outline a specific example when you completed a project that exhibited your skills relating to this job?

• Describe the training and experience you have that makes you highly qualified for this job.

Prepare Your Environment For an Effective Interview

A good interview occurs in a comfortable environment in which you have control of the traffic and appropriate resources to complete the interview. Make sure to select an office or room that you can reserve so that others do not disturb the BestJobInterview. Identify all the participants of the interview and setup the needed chairs and tables so that they can be comfortable before the interview commences. Lastly, make sure to have any needed equipment like computers, webcams, or other objects that you need to complete the interview. With a well-prepared environment, all involved will be able to focus on the qualifications of the candidate and not the surroundings.

Outline the Entire Interview and Hiring Process

Before starting the BestJobInterview process, make sure to plan for the events that will take place prior to the interview, during the interview, and after the interview. By so doing, you will make sure to complete the process smoothly and do everything you need to effectively get the best candidates. Start by carefully planning out the interview process, including how you will choose the candidates for interviews, who you want to be part of the interview team, your goals to best characterize the interviewees’ qualifications, and how you will rank those interviewed for the job.

Although many overlook the next step, make sure to research and plan for the process of extending job offers, negotiating wage and benefits, hiring, and training the employee. By clearly understanding this process, you will be able to effectively hire a candidate without any corporate surprises that could complicate the process. Additionally, during the BestJobInterview, if a candidate asks about what will happen after you the interview, you will be ready.

When you have effective questions, a good interview environment, and a good understanding of the interview and hiring process, you will be well prepared for a great job interview.

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