What to Expect in an Automotive Interview

Customers rely on car dealerships and repair shops to get them on the road again when their car isn’t running properly. In an automotive interview, your interviewer will be looking for the best qualified person to work in the garage. However, they will also be looking for other skill sets that will complement the customers’ experience and keep them coming back.

Knowing how a car works and being able to fix it is going to be top priority in your interview. Your interviewer will ask you open-ended questions about what you would do if certain parts are broken or malfunctioning. They may even give you a set of car parts and have you identify the problem and the solution. You will also be asked about how you would deal with difficult customers and whether you have computer experience.

Tips to Remember

Your automotive skill set will be your most valuable asset in an automotive interview, but there are some things you should remember to take with you. Consider these tips to make yourself stand out:

· Come prepared to show your knowledge, both verbally and physically. Study beforehand if you need to.

· Learn the company’s message to its customers. Relate this message to your own experience working with customers, especially difficult ones.

· Describe your training and certifications and how they help you be a better automotive employee.

· Detail your experience using computers on the job.

· Don’t inflate your experience on your resume. You may be asked to prove your skills in the interview.

Remember to come dressed professionally to your interview and to be confident with your interviewer. This will help make your interview a memorable one.

General Skills to Highlight

In addition to being able to prove your skills and stand by your experience working with automobiles, there are some other general skills you should highlight to help give you an edge.

  • Time management – Customers will expect a quick turnaround on their vehicles.
  • Multitasking – You will be working on many different cars and problems at once.
  • Confidence – Stand by your skills confidently without coming across as arrogant.
  • Flexibility – Hours can be long and may include shift work.
  • Customer service – You will work with many different kinds of customers on a daily basis.


When you head to your automotive interview, you’ll want to remember that a job in the automotive industry isn’t limited to the garage. Try to relate these skills to as many aspects of running the business as you can. Doing so will help make your interview a success.

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