Art Administrator Interview Questions

Answering Art Admin Interview Questions

The skills needed for a job as an art administrator cover a multitude of areas involving knowledge of the arts, fundraising and business expertise, public relations, communication and the ability to lead a group of people. Employees in this position typically work for ballet companies, theater groups, orchestras, museums and higher-level education systems. If you have the degree and qualifications to apply for one of these positions, take a look at the following art administrator interview questions to help you practice your responses and earn your placement in this amazing career field.

Educational and Skill Set Questions

When interviewing for a job as an art administrator, your potential employer will want to learn about your skill set, educational background and any other qualifications you may have. Most people applying for these jobs have a Bachelor of Arts or Fine Arts Degree. However, if you have earned a Masters Degree or some other certification, makes sure to list it on your resume and elaborate on it during your interview. To practice your responses to questions about your education and skill set, take a look at the following questions.

· Tell us about yourself.

· What do you enjoy outside of your job?

· Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

· What is a goal you would like to accomplish?

· Where did you earn your degree?

· Why did you choose this institution?

· How will your educational background help you be successful in this position?

· How would you describe your communication skills?

· What drives you to work in the field of fine arts?

· Do you prefer to work with a team or as an individual?

· What personal experiences and skills do you have within the art community?

Of course these are just some of the questions you may be asked, but they do provide a basic outline as to the types of questions you will be asked.

Answering With Authority

When it comes time to rehearse your answers, make sure to write down your responses or practice them with a friend or family member. Once you can answer fluently without taking too much time to think, you will be well prepared to enter your interview and answer with authority. However, it is important to remain true to yourself and not come across as haughty or too self-assured. Employers do not want to see you reading a script from memory but answering their questions with strong background knowledge and the ability to respond while under pressure.

When you interview for an arts administrator position, it also important to dress the part, which calls for a professional outfit with a slightly artistic twist. Due to the artistic nature of the job, men would be well suited to dress up an outfit with a colorful tie or collared shirt. Women can express their artistic side with vibrant shoes, vintage earrings or a patterned handbag that accentuates their adoration for the arts and the expression it provides.

To help you throughout your rehearsal for your interview, here is a sample answer to the question of why a company should choose you over the other applicants.

If you choose me for the position, I will bring a level of experience and expertise that varies from the other candidates. As a skilled artist and musician, I have many contacts throughout our local art community. Additionally, I understand the importance of the arts in education, the lives of families, the lives of seniors and the lives of those hurting from medical or mental disabilities. With my well rounded educational background, my passion and vision for the arts in this community and my various experiences working with people of all ages and various companies, I know I would help this theater become a place of education, respite, entertainment and conversation for our growing community.”

When answering any art administrator interview questions, remember to stay positive, focused, professional and sure of yourself and your skills. Employers are also more likely to hire the candidate with energy, personality and a friendly smile. Thus, remember to brush and floss before you showcase your resume.

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