Are You Willing To Travel For The Job?

If the interviewer asks you if you are willing to travel for the job, you could feel as though you are going to be overburdened with extensive travel responsibilities that take you away from home.

The interviewer really wants to gauge your willingness and the extent you will travel for the job. In most cases, the interviewer will explain the travel requirements for the job after you answer the question. By asking the question, the manager wants to know that you are open to experiences outside of the office. Additionally, you can help the manager know that you understand the necessity of travel in the normal function of a company.

Points to Emphasize

When you answer this question, you want to emphasize your positive experiences with travel and try to maintain a positive tone.

  • Talk about how travel in previous situations has benefited your education or training.

  • Emphasize your commitment to completing your job responsibilities, regardless of where they take you.

  • Mention that travel increases a company’s networking capacity.

  • Explain how travel expands your opportunities.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    If you are not prepared for this question, you might easily focus on the negative and make some of the following mistakes.

  • Do not complain about travel or talk about past misfortunes in airports.

  • Be careful not to explain that you enjoy sight-seeing or going on vacation.

  • Avoid going into descriptions of your family responsibilities.

  • Do not give a specific maximum percentage of preferred travel.

    To this question, you want to give a general answer that does not make the manager feel as though travel burdens your life. You also do not want to define an amount of travel that will affect the manager’s ability to consider you for the job. If your number is even slightly below the company’s expectation, it can label you as not interested in the job.

    Sample Answer

    An excellent answer to this challenging question might go something like the following:

    Of course I am willing to travel for the job. Travel in my previous jobs has allowed me to go to special conferences and trainings that have expanded my knowledge. Travel is required in many cases to network and complete job responsibilities, and I always like to be an asset to the company for which I work.

    When you answer this question, you want to show that you are not opposed to the idea of travel. The manager wants to see that you understand the role of travel in the normal function of a company.

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