Are You Willing To Travel?

If the interviewer asks you if you are willing to travel, you might feel as though he is committing you a destiny stuck in airports!

In truth, the hiring manager really wants to gauge your openness to traveling to fulfill your job responsibilities. This question can separate the candidates that understand why travel helps an employee complete job responsibilities and the candidates that have general problems with traveling. Although you might not love extensive travel, remember that the interviewer mostly wants to make sure that you are willing to leave the office when needed.

Points to Emphasize

When you answer this question, you want to emphasize how you understand that travel helps companies expand their business and that travel benefits you.

  • Talk about a previous travel experience that helped train or educate you.

  • Mention an experience where you were able to network through a travel experience.

  • Explain that you are committed to fulfill your job responsibilities in and out of the office.

  • Describe your understanding of how travel is required for the job for which you are applying.

    By answering with a positive tone, you help to transform the question into an opportunity to show your commitment to work.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    If you have not organized your thoughts regarding this question, you could make some of the following mistakes.

  • Do not state a percentage or number of hours that is your maximum travel expectation.

  • Avoid talking about previous bad travel experiences.

  • Do not give an answer that wavers between yes and no.

  • Do not describe the importance of your home life.

    By avoiding a negative tone, you help the employer understand that when your manager asks you to travel, he or she will not have to feel guilty. You present yourself as a model employee who will be straightforward to direct and will not be a burden to a team.

    Sample Answer

    A great way to answer to this challenging question could go something like this:

    Yes, I am willing to travel because I understand how traveling helps me to fulfill my job responsibilities and affords me great training opportunities. In my previous job, my travel to conferences and to offsite clients helped me expand the company’s network.

    In the end, the manager is looking for an employee that is committed to helping the company function well. A team-based environment is based on people willing to collectively make sacrifices for a greater good. After you answer this question, the manager will normally explain the travel expectations.

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