Are You Willing To Relocate for a Job?

If the interviewer asks you if you are willing to relocate, you might feel as though you are going to sent to the middle of nowhere. It might also make you wonder if you are getting setup for a bait and switch.

Although there might be instances when the interviewer is looking to send the chosen candidate to undesirable areas, in many cases, the hiring manager is trying to gauge how firm your roots are in a specific geography. The manager wants to also determine your adaptability and flexibility. Some jobs require that an employee move every couple of years to meet demands of the company. By understanding this information, the manager can best gauge how you will fit with the company.

Points to Emphasize

When you answer this question, you want to emphasize your experience with moving and travel and how these situations have benefited your life. Discuss how a good job would be great motivation to move to a new area.

  • Talk about previous travel or relocation experiences and how they have prepared you to positively react to change.

  • Emphasize how travel has benefited your character.

  • Mention that you adapt well to changing situations.

  • Explain that you are open to trying new things.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    If you are not prepared for this question, it might be easy to make some of the following mistakes.

  • Do not automatically say that you are not willing to relocate because you do not know what the job might offer you and what you might want in the future.

  • Be careful not to simply define locations where you do not want to live.

  • Do not give a “maybe” or “it depends on” answer.

  • Try not to repeat yourself or overemphasize your answer.

    Give a clear, genuine answer. Although you might feel reluctant to move at the current moment, do not close the door on a great opportunity.

    Sample Answer

    An excellent answer to this challenging question might go something like the following:

    Yes, I am willing to relocate for a job that I love. In the past, I had to move away from home when I was in school. That move helped me to make lifelong friends and helped me to learn and grow in ways I never could have if I had not moved.

    You need to understand that the hiring manager wants to make sure that you are willing adapt to change in the company. The manager also desires to see that you are confident and willing to face challenges.

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