Are You Good At Delegating Tasks? (Management)

If you are applying for a management position, you should expect to be asked, “Are you good at delegating tasks” The position may call for you to oversee subordinates, so the hiring manager wants to see if you would be good at successfully assigning responsibilities to other employees.

With this question, an interviewer is trying to get a sense of your management style. He or she wants to see that you are capable of assigning roles to everybody in a fair and efficient manner. A prospective employer is also looking to see if you have any past experiences with delegating roles and your success with this responsibility.

Points to Emphasize

Relevant experiences and skills are very important to bring up when you are answering this question.

  • Talk about how in past jobs you have assigned roles based on the strengths of the worker

    • Mention your ability to give clear instructions
  • Discuss how you encourage employees to perform at their best

  • Talk about how you follow-up with employees to ensure that tasks were completed

    This question should be answered in a way that shows your ability to allocate duties in a way that is beneficial to the company as a whole.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    It is easy to answer this question incorrectly, so do not get caught in some of these common traps, mistakes and tricks.

  • If you have never had a role where you delegated tasks, don’t make one up

  • Don’t say that you are better when you do a job by yourself

    • Don’t be vague or unclear in your response
  • Don’t get nervous if you don’t have much leadership experience

    Interviewers value honesty in candidates, so give a truthful response at how you would manage your employees.

    Sample Answer

    If you are asked how you would delegate responsibilities, a good answer might look something like this:

    In the past, I have assigned roles based on the strengths of the individual. I also consider time constraints and the other responsibilities employees have before giving them more roles. After clearly explaining what is required for the task, I always check in regularly to ensure that it is progressing as planned and will be completed on time. If any issues come up, I always step in to help out in any way I can.

    By asking this question, a hiring manager is trying to see if you have the leadership skills required to ensure that the day-to-day operations of the organization are carried out successfully. You should be able to lead a team and assign roles accordingly.

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