Are There Any Other Written Materials (Such As Company Brochures) That You Suggest I Read?

It is important that individuals stay abreast of the most current, up-to-date information on both the industry and job that they are interested in or currently fulfilling. As such, quality interviewees will ask questions pertaining to training and resources related to the job. You might find yourself having to answer questions such as, “Are there any other written materials that you suggest I read”

When interviewees ask this question they are inquiring about the level of industry knowledge that they are expected to have and implement in the position. This answer can not only craft how applicants view the position, but can also be considered in deciding if the job is right for them. Therefore, you want to provide the best answer possible.

Points to Emphasize
Though the publications will differ per industry, there are certain aspects that will remain the same. Here are a few points that you will want to emphasize.

· Name two or three key materials that you would suggest the interviewee read.

· If your company has a brochure, newsletter or other informational publication, highlight them.

· Explain the importance and relevance to the industry that each material has.

· Be sure to draw a correlation between the suggested resources and the position.

Mistakes You Should Avoid
There are also a few mistakes that you will want to avoid when answering this question.

· Do not just list off materials without supporting information about them.

· Even if you are not fond of certain publications, do not spend time discussing materials that you would not suggest.

· Stay away from mentioning any material that is not directly related to the job or company.

· Do not try to evade the question, even if there are not additional materials beyond those you have previously mentioned.

Sample Answer

In answering questions about possible materials to read for a job, a proper answer might sound similar to this:

Yes, our company has a brochure that details who we are, our mission, things we have accomplished and our future goals. This will give you a better idea of who we are and the type of team you would be joining, should you be offered the position. As far as job specific material, we have a blog on our website that covers various emerging IT techniques and methods, as well as best practices. We find that it helps to keep our techs sharp and industry ready.

Make sure that your answer is intelligible and informative, and the interviewee should be pleased.

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