Are There Organizations You Are Expected To Join?

When interviewees ask this question they are really trying to gauge if the company is a good fit for them. Depending upon the required obligations, a candidate may decide that the opportunity is not for them. In picking the best possible employee for your company, you want to make sure that you provide the best possible answer.

Points to Emphasize
The answer to this question will most likely be different for each company. However, there are a few points that should be emphasized in any case.

  • Mention any organizations that employees are expected to join.
  • If there are any suggested organizations, mention them as well.
  • Explain the purpose and perks of joining the organizations.
  • If you know of any stories of individuals advancing from participating in certain organizations, share their stories.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid
    There are also a few mistakes and pitfalls that you should try to avoid when answering this question.

  • Do not just list a variety of organizations that an employee could join, especially if they are not related to their job or advancement.

  • Stay away from listing organizations that could be viewed as religiously, racially or otherwise socially excluding.

  • Do not avoid mentioning any organizations due to your belief that an applicant may not be interested or able to join.

  • If there are not certain organizations that employees are expected to join, do not make any up.

    Sample Answer

    A great sample of a good answer in regards to organizations an employee may be expected to join may sound similar to this:

    Our company prides itself in being a supporter of children with special needs. As such, we contribute to the Special Olympics each year. Some employees just make a charitable contribution, while others volunteer during the event. We view it as a time of bonding that brings everyone in the organization together for a good cause. We also have a few sports teams that you can join and we compete against other companies from time to time.

    Whatever your answer is, make sure that it is concise, providing a full answer and giving explanation for participation.

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