Are There People Within Or Outside The Organization That The Company Holds Up As Heroes?

If you know who someone idolizes, you can tell a lot about them. In the same way, if a job-seeker knows who the company sees as heroes, they can tell a lot about the company. When an interviewee asks this type of question, they are trying to learn more about the values and culture of the company. This means that they are truly interested in working for the company, but they want to make sure that it will be a long-term fit. You can help them figure out if it will be a long-term fit by giving them the best answer that you can.

Points to Emphasize

In order to give them the best answer, you have to highlight certain values and facts.

  • Explain what your company views as noble or heroic.

  • Talk about people that have values that your company deems important.

  • List specific people that your company sees as heroic if applicable.

  • Make sure to give information that is accurate and applicable to your company.

    If there are people that your company sees as heroic, feel free to tell the candidate. If your company has values they deem as important, but has never had a person that they view as heroic, say as much.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    This question has a few traps you want to make sure to avoid.

  • Try not to bad mouth anyone associated with the company or the company itself.

  • Be careful that you do not put words in the company’s mouth. In other words, only answer this question with facts not hypothesis.

  • Do not give an answer that is vague. Even if there isn’t a hero, you can still give a detailed answer.

    • Try not to alienate the candidate.

    Give an answer that is truthful, detailed and doesn’t alienate the interviewee to give the best picture of your company.

    Sample Answer

    Here is an example of what a great answer might look like:

    The company views men and women who serve in the armed forces as heroes. The military shares a lot of the same values—honesty, hard work, dedication. We also think it is important for people to stand up for what they believe in. Our company does as much as we can to show our support for these patriotic heroes. We recognize that because of people who serve we get to conduct business and live our lives the way we always have.

    By answering truthfully, you will give the candidate an accurate picture of the company. This will help them ascertain if they will be a good fit in the company.

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