Appreciation Letter After Interview

Whether you have just interviewed for a new job, promotion or getting into a university, you should definitely make sure to send a heartfelt appreciation letter. Sending a nice note shortly after your interview serves several functions in helping you get what you want. First, it shows the interviewer that you are grateful for the opportunity to get this new position. Perhaps more importantly, it puts your name in front of the hiring manager once more. Sending a thank you letter is an excellent way to make yourself stand apart from the crowd and give you an edge over those who have not sent an appreciation letter after the interview.

In addition to expressing your thanks, an appreciation letter is also great for reiterating why you are the best person for the position. You can expand upon points that were made during the interview, or you can mention something you forgot to bring up. However, you should still make sure that your note is brief. A lengthy letter is not particularly necessary in this scenario because you want to make your letter simple and easy to read for the interviewer.

Formatting Your Appreciation Letter

It is acceptable for you to send your letter either through email or through the regular postal service. You want to make sure your note gets into the hands of the hiring manager quickly because a decision might be reached relatively soon. If you know you will have a little more time, then consider sending it through snail mail. Taking the time to mail a note reflects your capacity to take the process seriously.

At the top of your letter should be your name and address .You should also make sure to include any relevant information about the person who interviewed you. Within the actual meat of the letter, you should mention anything particularly memorable that would catch the hiring manager’s attention. It is perfectly acceptable to express your interest in getting the position and to thank the interviewer for taking time out of the day to meet with you.

A very important aspect of your letter is that it needs to be free of any spelling or grammatical errors. If there are any typos within your note, it could indicate to the hiring manager that you lack attention to detail and that you did not really put effort into writing your letter. You should review your letter thoroughly before sending it in. You may even want to have a close friend or family member read it over to give you any advice.

Sample Appreciation Letter After Interview

Here is an example of what your appreciation letter should look like:

Tom Sawyer

1368 Maple Rd.

Sacramento, CA 94203


Mr. David Hyde

Human Resources Dept.

ABC Company

23 Poinsettia Way

Sacramento, CA 94205

RE: Job Interview Dec.10, 2015

December 11, 2015

Dear Mr. Hyde,

Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me to discuss the open position at ABC Company within the Human Resources Department. I know you have an incredibly busy schedule, and I appreciate you speaking with me about the company and giving me a tour.

The chance to work at ABC Company is an exciting prospect for me since I spent a great deal of time in college interning at similar companies and working within Human Resources at all of those organizations.

After speaking with you, I have a much better sense of what would be expected of me if I were offered a position. As a leader in its field, I know ABC Company has a lot to offer me professionally, and I believe with my background and talents, I could prove to be an asset to the company as a whole.

Thank you again for meeting with me, and I look forward to hearing your decision soon.


Tom Sawyer

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