There’s No Right Or Wrong Answer, But If You Could Be Anywhere In The World Right Now, Where Would You Be?

Many interview questions are meant to give the interviewer a bit of insight into who you are. This question is no different. Where you want to be says a lot about you. Are you adventurous Maybe you’re a bit of a history buff. It may not be extremely important what location you pick, but the reasons behind it are important. It can help show the hiring manager just how good of a fit you are for the company.

Points to Emphasize

Emphasize points that apply to the position you are interviewing for.

  • Talk about the why more than the location itself. If you want to be in Bali, explain why.

  • Try to include explanations that make you a good candidate for the position. Maybe you want to be at the top of Machu Picchu because it reminds you of why you are an environmental law lawyer.

  • Mention traits it takes to get there like confidence, communication skills and dedication.

  • Discuss the way this location benefits or moves you.

    Give the hiring manager a specific, honest answer. Who knows, you may end up bonding over the location.

    Mistakes You Should Avoid

    When you’re answering the question, make sure to avoid these mistakes.

  • Do not make it seem like you would rather be there than at work. Make it clear that you want to work for this company from the location that you are actually at.

  • Avoid being like everyone else. Try to pick something unique.

  • Try not to get too personal. Keep it tied to the work.

  • Do not get edgy if you don’t have a fantastic location at the tip of your tongue.

    Use this time to explain to the interviewer how important this job is to you.

    Sample Answer

    Here is a great example of what an answer to this question might look like:

    If I could be anywhere in the world, I would be in London. I just think there’s a liveliness to it and a rich history. I’ve only been there once before, and I just remember walking along streets that had inspired authors like Charles Dickens. The literary genius that has come out of that city reaffirmed in me my desire to be a part of the literary process. I always knew I wanted to work in publishing, but that city always seems to motivate me more. I want to find ways to be inspired here just like authors have been inspired in London.

    Make sure to emphasize that you do not want to move to this new location.

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