After Interview Letter

Along with cultivating an impressive resume and having a strong interview, there are other aspects that can and should be implemented after the interview. The after interview letter is one of those things. To ensure that you utilize it properly and to your advantage, take a moment to understand its purpose, effectiveness and general format.


In short, the purpose of the letter is to help you remind the interviewer of who you are in hopes that it will help you to stand out amongst other applicants. Even if you feel that you had a great interview, hiring new individuals is probably one of the many tasks that the interviewer must handle. On top of that, chances are that the interviewer will speak with several different candidates throughout the interview process. As such, it is important that you try to stay relevant in the interviewer’s mind.

It is also a good time to do any damage control. If you recognized a concern of the interviewer, you can provide assurance and examples to hopefully eliminate or at least decrease any apprehension. Also, if you forgot any point that you would like to drive home, the after interview letter is a great place to share it. Basically, you can utilize this letter to provide one last plea as to why you are a proper candidate for the position.


After interview letters can prove to be quite effective when utilized correctly. A well crafted latter not only accomplishes the aforementioned aspects, but it also helps to showcase key skills that employers look for. A well crafted letter displays strong writing and communication skills, which can be helpful, and sometimes essential, in various job positions. It also provides a strong example of professionalism. Being that this type of letter has become common procedure after an interview, this shows that you understand, respect and know how to implement protocol. This is definitely a desirable trait amongst candidates. All of these factors work together to create a strongly effective letter and hopefully can help to make the writer stand out in the eye of the interviewer.


The layout of the after interview letter can be different depending upon how it is being presented. For example, the layout for a letter that is e-mailed will be different from that of one that is sent via postal mail. However, the flow of the article will mostly stay the same. There are four key paragraphs that should be included in the letter:

1. Introduction: in this section, state who you are and thank the interviewer for taking the time to interview you

2. Highlights: this section should include any high points you recognized throughout the interview, as well as any significant points that can help remind the interviewer of who you are; it should also reiterate any relevant skills, experience and characteristics that you posses

3. Address Issues: if the interviewer expressed any concerns or you had a hard time answering any questions, or possibly forgot an answer, this paragraph should be used to address those things and provide support of how it would not hinder you from fulfilling the position

4. Closing: you should again thank the interviewer for their time in this paragraph; you can also include a call to action, offering to answer any additional questions the interviewer might have and providing contact information

Including these four paragraphs helps to ensure that you cover all necessary elements of the interview.

Today’s job market is very large, diverse and qualified. As such, job seekers are constantly looking for the best ways to help them stand out amongst other applicants. It is clear to see that an after interview letter is a helpful tool in doing just that. Taking the time to craft and send this letter can help to boost your chances of receiving the job.

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