One important thing to remember before an administrative interview is that while the questions will revolve around the same ideas, they can vary greatly from industry to industry. Interviewers are likely to throw unexpected, challenging questions your way in order to see how you handle tough things on the spot.

An interviewer wants to see how a potential employee will think on their feet under pressure. Administrative employees use these skills on a daily basis, so you should always bring your A game to an administrative interview. Expect to be on your toes through the interview, and do your best to show that you have confidence without being arrogant. Employers want a leader that has the ability to work with others and listen to their ideas, while bringing their own valuable leadership skills to the table.

Tips to Remember

While preparation for an interview is important, prepping for an administrative interview is a little more difficult. Because they expect you to be on your toes and deal under pressure, you may not know what questions they are going to ask. A few tips to remember before your interview:

· Come prepared with a few examples of times you thought well on your feet, or handled a big job under pressure.

· Practice confidence without arrogance – give examples of times you have led others to be successful, rather than how you have been successful on your own.

· Do your best to stand out. In an administrative interview, the interviewer needs something that makes you different that will draw others to you. Add a little humor to your stories.

Research commonly asked interview questions and come prepared with your answers. Don’t be afraid to put your own spin on things. If you don’t already work for the company, it’s also essential that you research the company and their values to see how they align with your own before your interview.

General Skills to Highlight

An administrative interview is a lot like any other interview, although interviewers are looking for you to come with a little bit extra. The extra skills you should highlight that they will be looking for are:

  • Confidence

    – remember that confidence is different than arrogance

  • Leadership

    – in an administrative position, you will likely be leading others

  • Creativity

    – show your ability to come up with creative solutions to common problems

  • Ambition

    – show that you have the drive to move the company forward

  • Organization

    – admins typically must stay organized in order to be successful

  • Problem Solving

    – illustrate your ability to solve tough problems under pressure

In an administrative interview, you want to come across as confident and ambitious without seeming like you think you know everything. It’s a delicate balance, but with the right blend of confidence and humility, your interview will be memorable and successful.

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