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Gates Jobs At A Glance

Gates At A Glance

Gates, New York was incorporated in 1813, but was originally established in 1789 as part of Northampton. Today, it’s a suburb of Rochester and boasts one the most affordable housing markets in the country. The town has an active economy with plenty of opportunity, but here’s what you need to know about jobs in Gates.

Job Market in Gates

Job Market in Gates

Gates is actually divided into two hamlets – North Gates and Gates Center. Both are in Monroe County and are easily accessible from 490 and 390. The farmland in this community has been replaced with commercial, industrial and residential property. The unemployment rate currently sits at 4.6 percent, which is much lower than the 5.3 percent at the national level. The average Monroe County resident earns a weekly wage of $880, while the average for the Rochester metro is $901. These figures are lower than the national average of $1,048, but cost of living is also below the national average. The primary industries are retail and manufacturing in addition to business, education and health services.

Resume Tips For Gates Jobseekers

Resume Tips For Gates  Jobseekers

Your resume is your sales pitch, so make it count. Here are some basic formatting tips to consider before sending your resume out for jobs in Gates.
1. Go with reverse chronological order. List your most recent work experiences at the top. The same goes for education. If you’ve been out of school for more than one year, you probably want to list your work history above your academic history.
2. Be concise. There’s nothing HR managers hate worse than a wordy resume. Screeners simply don’t have time to read lengthy paragraphs. Unless you’re in academia, you should be keeping your information on one or two pages.
3. List all dates and locations. Some employers care more about your time in a position than do about what the position actually was. Every company is different. Just be sure to list the beginning and end dates for each job you include. Likewise, include the city and state of all prior employers.
4. Be descriptive. This doesn’t mean go into detail. Rather, choose words that highlight your accomplishments instead of just describing your duties. Avoid generic phrases like “work done” and “duties included. ”
5. Explain how you will transfer your skills. Even if you’re in a specialized field, not every job description will be the same. Be sure to explain how your existing skillset can be used for the current job.

How to Find Jobs in Gates

How to Find Jobs in Gates

Candidates can find plenty jobs in Gates within the area’s key industries, but it’s important to understand the process and how to stand out. Here are some guidelines:
1. Make a plan. Decide ahead of time what you’re looking for. Perhaps you want to switch companies or even change your career. Reassess your own goals so you know what specific jobs in Gates to look for.
2. Network a ton. A referral is a huge resume builder regardless of which market you’re in. Connect with people in the field or company that interests you. Inside knowledge is valuable, especially if you’re changing careers.
3. Stay on top of job boards. Some people say January is the prime hiring time, while others claim it’s summer. In reality, companies are hiring all the time, so make sure to regularly check for the latest postings.
4. Take an entrepreneurial approach. You don’t need to start your own business, but you do need to take control. Follow up on leads and don’t be afraid to reapply. Consider a certification course if you want to be more competitive.
5. Follow up. Persistence is an attractive quality that shows you’re willing to work hard. In most cases, it’s ok to send a brief email if you haven’t heard anything after one week.