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Garfield Jobs At A Glance

Garfield At A Glance

The city of Garfield is located in Bergen County, New Jersey, just 12 miles west of New York City and 10 miles north of Newark, New Jersey. Named after the famed American president, Garfield is home to 30,487 residents, as of the 2010 census, and covers just 2 square miles. Garfield enjoys a central location and easy access to the major cities of the northeast. To learn more about the economic market in Garfield, along with details and statistics regarding its popular occupations, average wages and more, read the following analysis of the area designed just for those looking for jobs in Garfield.

Job Market in Garfield

Job Market in Garfield

Garfield is a city of numerous and varied opportunities for its job seekers, due in part to its close proximity to New York City and Newark. The unemployment rate of Bergen County, which includes Garfield, is 4.2 percent, less than the national average rate of 5.3 percent. In first place among top performing industries in the area is trade, transportation and utilities, and in second place is education and health services. Professional and business services follows, and then government. Leisure and hospitality ranks fifth among the major employing sectors, and increased 2 percent between 2014 and 2015. The two largest occupations in the region are retail salespersons and cashiers. In Bergen County, the average weekly wage is $1,226, which is quite a bit more than the national average of $1,048.

Resume Tips For Garfield Jobseekers

Resume Tips For Garfield  Jobseekers

No job search is complete without having your tightly polished resume by your side. When searching for jobs in Garfield, submitting well constructed resumes is critical to your success, no matter what field you are applying for a position in.
1. Don’t forget the main purposes that a resume is intended to serve: getting you an interview, helping structure that interview and helping the recruiter to remember you long after the interview.
2. Since resumes are of the utmost importance in influencing recruiters, never turn one in for a job without customizing it and tailoring it for the position first. This will make a good impression on hiring managers.
3. Drive your resume with the positive outcomes of what you’ve accomplished and achieved, rather than what you’ve been required to do. Frame each experience in terms of what you brought to it and how you improved the situation.
4. When sending in your resume through the mail, it is preferable to keep it flat and avoid folding it.
5. If submitting your resume online, make sure that you have it available in a variety of different file extensions that reflect the original formatting of the document.

How to Find Jobs in Garfield

How to Find Jobs in Garfield

No matter if you’re between jobs or considering switching industries or careers, job hunting can be a daunting and challenging task. When you’re on the hunt for jobs in Garfield, it’s important to keep these few rules of the game in mind.
1. Never stop networking. In the ‘new normal’ economy, it’s important to network as much as possible with industry leaders, business contacts and hiring managers, both locally and online.
2. Considering temporary work while seeking a long-term position is a great way to bide your time between jobs and get some cash flow, in the meantime. Freelancing jobs and project-based work are easy to find, especially online.
3. Aim to talk to at least three people everyday about your job search. Not only will this help you keep your search in the forefront of your mind, but you’ll have a chance to network regularly.
4. Remember your options. Just because you’ve been in one industry for some time doesn’t mean you’re obligated to continue on in it. Switching occupations or fields, but retaining your transferable skills, is a great way to revitalize your career.
5. Strive to become an expert in your subject matter, whatever that happens to be. Read professional publications, keep any certifications or affiliations up to date and stay abreast of industry newsletters and magazines.