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Galesburg City Township Jobs At A Glance

Galesburg City Township At A Glance

Galesburg City Township, Illinois, is one of 21 townships throughout the county of Knox. This particular township coexists with and surrounds the city of Galesburg. When you look for jobs in Galesburg City Township, you will have to try to gather more information related to the economic outlook of the area rather than the geographic location of the township. Learn more about the job market, job search and salary statistics below.

Job Market in Galesburg City Township

Job Market in Galesburg City Township

The unemployment rate in Knox County is comparable to the national unemployment rate, which shows that the local job market is tough yet promising. The two unemployment rates are 5.1 percent and 5.3 percent respectively. The top five performing industries are education and health services; trade, transportation and utilities; manufacturing; government; and leisure and hospitality. The latter industry has grown by about 18.9 percent over the past year. The largest occupations include retail salesperson, registered nurse, cashier and customer service representative. The average weekly wage in Knox County is $778, which is significantly less than the national average of $1,048.

Resume Tips For Galesburg City Township Jobseekers

Resume Tips For Galesburg City Township  Jobseekers

Your resume is actually one of the most critical parts of the entire job search process. Use these tips to build a resume that will help you successfully obtain jobs in Galesburg City Township:
1. Remember the unbreakable resume writing rules: no typos and no lies.
2. Other common resume writing rules are guidelines to help you build a readable document, so if you have a good reason to break a rule, you can do it.
3. Use a reverse chronological order throughout your experience and education sections to ensure your more recent information is at the top of the resume.
4. Consider the delivery format of your resume. For example, a portable document format (PDF) is not vulnerable to viruses and is compatible across computer systems.
5. Try to keep in mind that your resume should be focused on the employer, look good, discuss your accomplishments, have keywords important to the employer and include transferrable skills.

How to Find Jobs in Galesburg City Township

How to Find Jobs in Galesburg City Township

Whether you’re looking for jobs in Galesburg City Township or anywhere else in the country, you have to know what sort of steps to take. Use the following tips to make your entire job search easier:
1. Set the groundwork. It may be tempting to just jump right into the job search and applying to different positions. However, if you do preliminary research, make an organizational strategy and plan for your search, you will find that the entire process will go better than if you just jump right in.
2. Talk to people in your network. In a challenging job market, many jobseekers try to do everything on their own. However, you will be able to learn about more opportunities if you ask your network for help. Not only that, but you will be able to gather important information related to new careers, potential companies and different industries through informational interviews.
3. Make an online presence for yourself. A lot of employers find candidates, or at least vet them, through social media and other online sites. This means that if you really want to find jobs in Galesburg City Township, you have to make a professional online presence for yourself. Turn your social media into professional advertisement and join professional sites.
4. Be polite. Often you will hear that you should continue getting in touch with hiring managers until you get a definitive answer. That is good advice, but you have to make sure to not take it too far. Hiring managers are busy and their time is important. If you politely contact them in appropriate ways and amounts, you will better showcase that you understand how important their time is.
5. Practice for the interview. Once you find openings and send in applications, you have to start preparing yourself for the interview. You can practice answering common interview questions, think about what you will wear and even practice listening in order to better prepare yourself for the interview.