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Franklin Jobs At A Glance

Franklin At A Glance

Franklin, Tennessee is one of the core cities in the Nashville metropolitan area. It has a population around 70,000 and is just 20 miles south of Nashville. Despite its significant position in the state, it is important for those seeking jobs in Franklin to have an understanding of job prospects, the job market, and what average salaries are. This page should help you start your research in this area.

Job Market in Franklin

Job Market in Franklin

The city of Franklin and the surrounding area is currently a very prosperous area to work. Even last year, the unemployment rates were lower than the national average currently is, and it has only dropped further from there. With an average unemployment of 5.3% in the entire United States, Franklin and the Williamson County sit at an impressive 3.9%. Despite this fact, the average weekly wages are nearly as high as the national average of $1,048. Workers in this area usually earn around $1,000 weekly. The largest industry is trade and service, but it is followed closely by business services and healthcare. Hospitality and government also encompass major industries in this area. As you would expect from this information, the most common occupations in Franklin are clerks, secretaries, and nurses. All things considered, the Williamson County is an excellent location to find work.

Resume Tips For Franklin Jobseekers

Resume Tips For Franklin  Jobseekers

Each resume should be unique and crafted specifically for the position it is submitted for, but there are many rules that every resume, across all industries and job types, should follow. These tips should help you start to understand what is expected.
1. Focus on your accomplishments. You should prioritize your work history over your education, but when describing your previous jobs, do not get too wrapped up in the job descriptions. It is better to emphasize the ways you stood out.
2. Be insistent on perfect formatting, because readers will be merciless. Always use strong and specific action verbs, avoid person pronouns, and break all content up so no large blocks of text remain.
3. Keep it short. One page is the desired length for a resume, but you can extent to a second if you would not be able to capture your work history with only one page. Still, you should be very wary of writing a resume longer than a single page, because many employers will not tolerate long resumes.
4. Consider using a resume template or online resume building tool. This can help you get a grasp on your formatting and length. Additionally, it is wise to do further research of what makes a resume strong.
5. Be as specific as possible. You should be shifting the information in your resume around for each position you apply for to make it as relevant and focused as possible. Do not simply submit the same resume for each job offer.

How to Find Jobs in Franklin

How to Find Jobs in Franklin

The proper actions in your job search are vital to getting hired, as is the case with anyone seeking jobs elsewhere. When looking for jobs in Franklin, follow these tips to make your search a little less stressful.
1. Be determined. You may not hear back from a potential job at first, but do not confuse this with being told “no”. Taking initiative and following up on applications is what set those that are hired apart.
2. Make sure your resume is well-crafted. More information about your resume is available below.
3. Understand that your search may be long. It is important that you do not get discouraged if you are not hired right away. Additionally, you should decide how you will earn money while seeking a permanent job.
4. Have a plan and stick with it. Before you begin your search, decide exactly what kind of job you will accept, what similar positions are acceptable, and what fields are not what you are looking for. Understand your options for each of these.
5. Practice your interview skills. Do not waste an employment opportunity by making mistakes when being interviewed. Information about what makes a strong interview is available online.