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Fond du Lac Jobs At A Glance

Fond du Lac At A Glance

Fond du Lac, literally meaning ‘the bottom of the lake’, is aptly situated at the south end of Lake Winnebago in eastern Wisconsin. With 43,021 residents as of the 2010 census, Fond du Lac is brimming with a lively culture and thriving business and industry, containing major headquarters like Mercury Maine, the world’s largest manufacturers of outboard motors. Take a look at the opportunities for individuals seeking jobs in Fond du Lac, including the average earnings for the area, common occupations and job search advice.

Job Market in Fond du Lac

Job Market in Fond du Lac

Fond du Lac is replete with retail spaces and a major commercial district; its doors are wide open for potential employees. As of November 2015, its unemployment rate was 3.4 percent, which is much lower than the national average of 5.3 percent. Manufacturing, not surprisingly, is the largest performing employer in Fond du Lac, seconded by trade, transportation and utilities. Education and health services follows behind, and increased 6.8 percent between 2014-2015. Government and leisure and hospitality jobs fall into fourth and fifth place in the major employing industries, respectively. Of the largest occupations in Fond du Lac, office clerks, team assemblers and retail salespersons are the top three. In nearby Appleton, Wisconsin, a comparable job market to Fond du Lac, the average weekly wage is $783, somewhat below the national average of $1,048.

Resume Tips For Fond du Lac Jobseekers

Resume Tips For Fond du Lac  Jobseekers

During the stress of a job search, the one constant is often the resume. By summarizing your accomplishments and experience in one (or two) succinct pages, a resume can say more about you as a professional than you might be able to squeeze into an interview.
1. Try listing your employment experience in terms of situation, action and results. Explain what the circumstances were, what you did to change them and how you affected a positive outcome.
2. Always list your best selling points first. If you have a lot of experience, list your professional achievements. If you’re a college student about to graduate, list your education first.
3. Include examples of in-demand skills, such as dependability, leadership, ambition and creativity, on your resume.
4. Aim to frame every aspect of your resume in terms of how you stood out, what you did differently from others and what you’ve been able to accomplish because of it.
5. To avoid age discrimination, you can choose to go back as far as 15-20 years in your job history, but you don’t need to necessarily include dates on your employment older than 15 years.

How to Find Jobs in Fond du Lac

How to Find Jobs in Fond du Lac

The secrets to a successful hunt for jobs in Fond du Lac are similar to what they are anywhere in the country. Preparing yourself for the long haul and maintaining a good attitude can make all the difference along the way, in addition to the following pieces of advice.
1. Succeeding in the new economy is not as straightforward as it once was. Job candidates today must network more than ever, use online tools and social profiles to their advantage and truly own their job search.
2. Take responsibility for captaining your job search, work proactively on your own behalf and don’t expect your circle of influence to take care of things for you. Remember that new jobs are life changes, not just situational shifts from the discomfort of being unemployed.
3. Show your passion and unwavering relentlessness to employers. Rather than telling them how zealous of a worker you are, find ways to show it, which makes a far bigger impact.
4. Get your name out there by attending job fairs, networking societies, job support groups and career meet-ups in your area. Shake hands, start as many conversations as you can and be confident and specific about what you want.
5. Without going so far as to be aggressive or annoying, make sure to be doggedly persistent about follow-up. Employers love candidates who show real initiative and determination through a phone call or email after an interview.