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Florence Jobs At A Glance

Florence At A Glance

Just 61 miles southeast of Phoenix lies the small, scenic desert city of Florence, Arizona. Numerous buildings in Florence are considered historic treasures, and the town itself is one of the oldest in Pinal County, of which it is the county seat. Florence, with its 25,536 residents as of the 2010 census, is considered a National Historic District. Yet for modern day job seekers, it has a lot to offer. Read below to find out relevant statistics and data on the economic climate of the city, including resume tips and advice on how to finds jobs in Florence.

Job Market in Florence

Job Market in Florence

Though its location is somewhat remote, Florence continues to enjoy a robust community and economy due in part to its status as a regional historical attraction. In Pinal County, which holds Florence, the unemployment rate is 6 percent, just over the national average of 5.3 percent. The top three performing industries in the Phoenix area, which includes Florence, are trade, transportation and utilities, professional and business services and education and health services. Government ranks in fourth place, followed by leisure and hospitality, which is on the rise, having grown 3.3 percent over 2014-2015. Retail salespersons, customer service representatives and food prep and service workers are the top occupations in the area. The average weekly wage for Pinal County workers, including those with jobs in Florence, is $746, compared to the national average of $1,048.

Resume Tips For Florence Jobseekers

Resume Tips For Florence  Jobseekers

Whether you’re just kick-starting yourself as a professional or you are a seasoned career person with miles of experience behind you, you know how important your resume is to conveying your story. Here are some tips to make your resume shine among the rest.
1. To focus your resume from the get-go, include a branding statement at the top that details in a nutshell who you are and what your expertise is.
2. It’s generally assumed that your most recent educational and professional experiences are most important to the reader, so put these first on your resume.
3. Highlight the transferrable skills in your resume, especially if jumping fields, positions or industries, by including these in the top one-third of the page.
4. Don’t underestimate the power of your resume’s style. Organize each section with bullet points and line breaks if necessary. Adjust the text so that it is flush to the left with occasional centering.
5. If your resume includes gaps or periods of unemployment, make sure to always frame these positively, including things you accomplished during those times such as travel, project-based work or self-employment.

How to Find Jobs in Florence

How to Find Jobs in Florence

On the lookout for jobs in Florence? It is to your advantage to be aware that the job market has changed somewhat in the digital age, and is now more reliant on technology than however. Here are some job search tips to keep you updated and relevant in the new economy.
1. With most employers screening a potential candidate’s online presence and social media profiles before hiring, it is a good idea to keep yours squeaky clean and professional all the way around.
2. Websites like LinkedIn exist specifically to help you out in the job department, offering places to post your resume, ways to connect with hiring managers and numerous other professional resources.
3. Keep any affiliations, certifications and professional memberships that are relevant to your industry current at all times. This is especially important when applying for a new job.
4. Starting a blog that establishes you as someone who practices thought leadership in your field is a great way to do some online networking. Share the link with recruiters, and aim to gain a following of others in your industry who you admire.
5. Don’t ignore face-to-face contact and in-person networking in favor of the virtual world. Though technology is an important part of the job search, it is just as important to make connections at job fairs and local career events.