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Eureka Jobs At A Glance

Eureka At A Glance

Eureka is a small coastal town in Humboldt County, California. It’s 280 miles north of San Francisco and is arguably one of the state’s best-kept secrets. It’s a hub for art and liberal academics and is the gateway to the Redwood Empire. Economically, the city has diversified quite a bit over the last few decades. Read on to learn more about the economic outlook and available jobs in Eureka.

Job Market in Eureka

Job Market in Eureka

Eureka has a population of about 45,000 people when combined with the nearby town of Arcata. It’s the largest urban area along the Atlantic coast between Portland, Oregon and San Francisco. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in California sits at 5.8 percent, only slightly higher than the 5.3 percent nationwide. Commercial fishing is still an active part of Eureka’s economy, but much of the labor force has moved on to other industries. Tourism, timber production and healthcare account for most of the current jobs in Eureka, but the area’s largest employers are government entities. Weekly wages are lower than the national average of $1,048. The average weekly wage in Humboldt County is $724.

Resume Tips For Eureka Jobseekers

Resume Tips For Eureka  Jobseekers

Don’t enter the job market without fine-tuning your resume. Use the following tips to keep it professional and neat.
1. Avoid going over two pages. For most jobseekers, this is plenty. Anything more will likely go unread anyway. Unless your occupation requires a detailed CV, you should be able convey your experiences without wordy paragraphs or lengthy lists.
2. Include partial degrees. Learning is learning, and employers want to know how much education you’ve had. Even if you never finished your program, list the classes or the number of credit hours you did complete.
3. Use words that carry weight. Avoid generic language like “work duties included. ” You want to highlight your actual accomplishments using powerful action verbs.
4. List using reverse chronological order. Put your most recent job at the top and work your way down. If you’ve just recently graduated, it’s ok to put your degree above any work history. Otherwise, list your education further down.
5. Always ask for an opinion. Have a friend, family member or career services provider read over your resume and offer suggestions. Small details are easy to overlook, and a second pair of eyes never hurts.

How to Find Jobs in Eureka

How to Find Jobs in Eureka

Northern California is a relatively competitive market, but it offers plenty of opportunity if you know where to look. Here are some guidelines to help you find the right jobs in Eureka.
1. Network with everyone. Talk to friends or family members in the area, remain active on social media and attend local career fairs. If you can get in contact with someone working in your field, you’ll have an easier time getting noticed during the hiring process.
2. Research the organization. Hiring managers don’t look highly upon candidates who seem to know nothing about the company. Dig deep and learn about a company’s culture, purpose and job titles before you apply.
3. Practice interviewing. This is helpful even if you haven’t yet applied to any jobs in Eureka. You want to start practicing questions so you’re mentally prepared to be put on the spot. Don’t be afraid to get family or friends involved.
4. Be proactive. If you’re faced with rejection, get up and start again. The job market is competitive and most companies simply have too many applicants. Keep at it and focus on your transferrable skills.
5. Record everything. Document dates as you’re applying for jobs in Eureka. Save copies of the specific resumes you send in, and make notes of any phone or email conversations. If you do get called for interview, you’ll be able to quickly recall the details about the opening.