3 easy steps to generate a CV

Choose your professionally written content.

Pick your template and follow the prompts.

Browse 30+ templates designed by professionals.

Finalize the details, save and send.

Choose your professionally written content.

Pick from thousands of expert-crafted bullet points.

Finalize the details, save and send.

Finalize the details, save and send.

Fine-tune the details and download your CV.

Pick a CV design you like

We have professionally made CV designs for every role, industry and experience level. Choose one to get started writing your document in our builder!

How our CV Builder helps you

Professional and fresh designs

Our builder features 25+ CV designs created by professional graphic designers. You can switch your CV layout with a single click!

professional and fresh designs


Save lots of time by uploading your existing CV to tweak its design and text! Our builder will rate your CV for its completeness and overall strength.


Beat the bots

Employers use applicant tracking systems to prescreen your CV. Our CV templates are designed to pass any ATS so you make it to the next hiring stage.

Beat the bots

Ready-to-use text suggestions

Our builder has a database of job-specific phrases written by our team of certified professional resume writers. Well-written options can save you a lot of writing time.

ready-to-use text suggestions

Easy to customize

You can add or customize sections, color schemes or fonts! The builder puts you in complete control of every element of your CV so it fits your personality.

Easy to customize

Matching Cover Letter Builder

Using our CV Builder includes access to our Cover Letter Builder! It has prewritten text suggestions that you can use in your letter, making writing much faster.

Matching Cover Letter Builder

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We’re so confident you’ll love our CV Builder that it’s free to try! With full access, you can build and download as many CVs and cover letters as needed.

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“Guidelines for creating a resume were extremely helpful. Suggestions for input were tailored made for the specific job, resulting in a polished and professional resume. Good Job Livecareer.”



“I used LiveCareer multiple times when looking for a new job to update my resume.”



Check out well-written CV
examples for inspiration

It’s easier to write a great CV after looking at some examples first.

Search LiveCareer’s database of builder-generated CV examples for your desired job! Find smart ideas to use on your CV and brainstorm ways to describe your experience and education.

Here are six of our most-viewed CV examples:


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CV Builder FAQ

What are the advantages of using a CV generator to make my document?

Any job that requires a CV expects a professional-quality document. Using a CV builder is like hiring an expert to help design and write your CV’s content.

Career experts designed our builder to include 30+ professional CV templates and suggested phrases you can tweak to fit your story. Using a builder will help you produce a higher quality CV than you can make on your own and save you time because you don’t have to write it from scratch.

Even more, all of our designs are verified to pass an applicant tracking system (ATS) scan. So, you won’t lose out on a job do to a tiny formatting mistake you made creating your CV!

How do I format a CV in your generator?

Our CV generator is programmed to include the five core sections: your contact information, professional summary, skills, work experience and education.

Depending on the type of CV you need, it’s very straightforward to add custom sections, such as: Publications, Press, Hobbies and Interests, Training, Certifications, Academic Awards or Research.

Every CV may differ depending on what country it’s for and whether or not it’s for an academic or scientific position. Be sure you only include sections helpful to the role.

There’s a “+ ADD A SECTION” button on the left-hand side of the screen. Click it to name and add extra CV sections.

If I have little to no work experience, will your CV Builder help me?

Absolutely! Our CV Builder can help you whether you’re fresh out of university or an experienced professional.

It takes your experience level into account to help you craft your CV. The first prompt asks, “How long have you been working?”

Your response helps our database determine the best format and suggested text for your CV.

Once you’ve added each CV section you wish, you can use the builder’s formatting tools to arrange the sections to best emphasize your qualifications.

I can't finish my CV right now. Can I save it and come back?

Yes, our CV Builder makes saving and returning to your most current version easy. Just click the “Save & Next” button located at the bottom right corner of the Builder.

So it’s also easy to update or tweak a saved version whenever you need a new CV to apply to a new role.

Best of all, you can save your CV in various formats, such as a standard .PDF or any other file type the employer may request, such as .DOC, .JPEG or .SVG.

Once I finish my CV and how do I download, print or email it?

Once you’ve added all the right sections and your CV is complete, click the orange “Save & Next” button on the bottom right corner of the CV Builder screen.

If you still need to sign up for an account with LiveCareer, you’ll be prompted to do so. Then, you can save and send your CV. It’s quick and easy; you can even sign in with your Google or Facebook account.

After that, you’ll see the option to “Download this resume” where you can choose your preferred file format to save your CV.

Should I use a CV or a resume to apply for a job?

CVs and resumes are very similar; knowing which to use comes down to two main factors:

  • The country in which the job is located.
  • Whether or not the job is in academia or scientific research.

In the U.S., resumes are the default job application document. However, many other countries prefer a CV. If you need help determining which document is standard in the country you want to work in, do some internet research to find out!

The only time that CVs are the preferred hiring document in the U.S. is for jobs in academia or for research positions. CVs contain additional sections to cover your education, research or publications.

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