Store Manager CV Example

As a store manager, it is important that you grab the attention of hiring managers in order that you stand the best chance of being called in for an interview. The best way to do so early in the job application process is through a well-written CV that outlines the reasons to hire you as well as the strengths and skills you possess. Be sure to highlight your accomplishments and experience using professional language. For a guide, review the store manager CV example we have created. You will see what you can put under your professional summary, work experience and interests.

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Jamie Novotny

439 Hawkbill Lane, Blue Ridge, Virginia, 11111

T: 555-776-5445

E: jnovotny@anymail

Professional Summary

I am a results- and customer-oriented store manager with seven years in management and 15 total years in retail. My work style combines a balanced blend of thoughtfulness, creativity and technical know-how. Under five years of my supervision, Acme Supermarket’s profits increased by 20 percent, and customers frequent the store an average of 1.5 times more a week. My philosophy as a manager is to create a warm and welcoming shopping environment that diverse shoppers enjoy.

Work Experience
Acme Supermarkets Store Manager

Supervised the day-to-day store operations for Acme’s location in Roanoke, VA. Created a roadmap that successfully pulled up the struggling store to one of the top area stores. Professional innovations included team-building workshops with a focus on customer service for all employees. Increased profits at least five percent the first year through a combination of improved employee retention and enhanced customer satisfaction.

XYZ Mart Assistant Manager
2005 to 2009

Helped lead XYZ Mart along with the manager and other assistant managers. Reviewed financial statements and related documents to identify areas of strength and weakness and other areas of store operation that required improvement. Led employee training and spearheaded various customer loyalty programs. Innovated a program with ABC Gas to offer our customers discounts on gas.

Strawberry General Market Customer Service Representative

Worked with customers to resolve various issues, such as malfunctioning products. Developed a system to identify and prioritize customer needs, which increased customer service efficiency by 15 percent.

Education and Training
Turn Your Team’s Performance Around

Leadership Training Academy

Bachelor of Science in Service Management

University of Colorado
Colorado Springs


  • Passionate about helping people and stores realize their potential
  • Creative thinker who welcomes all types of ideas
  • Excellent collaborator and communicator
  • Well-versed in areas such as strategic planning, resource allocation, leadership technique and production methods
  • Adept in setting goals and using metrics to gauge them
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Dynamics, Minitab, SugarCRM and other software programs
  • Ability to motivate people through public speaking and teamwork
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy various creative outlets, such as painting and writing poetry. Longtime outfielder on community adult softball team; volunteer recreational softball coach for girls 10-14.

Tips for Writing Your Store Manager CV

Store Manager Overview

As you may have noticed in our store manager CV example, it is a good idea to match the skills and experience you possess to certain qualifications listed in a job posting. For example, if a posting prioritizes a history of results, you could choose to use more data than usual to highlight your accomplishments. Likewise, if a posting emphasizes communication skills, you can take several approaches to prove the point that you have these skills in spades. In general, employers often want to see expertise in management, customer service, human resources and communication from store manager job candidates. You can show this through your educational history, your work record or a mix of both.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Store Manager CV

The store manager CV example illustrates the ways in which you can list information so that it makes a hiring manager want to learn more about you. For instance, you can mention programs you spearheaded and that led to impressive results. Hiring managers may want to find out more about these programs in an interview.

Keep in mind that there are many ways to measure results: loyalty program signup rates, number of customer visits, employee retention and overall profit increase, to name just a few. Include metrics where possible, and under the Skills section, list software programs in the areas of customer relations management, enterprise resource planning and others where applicable.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

To go along with our professional store manager CV example is a sprinkling of good-practice tips that can be applied to any CV, no matter what type of job or industry it concerns.

  • Choose your interests and hobbies with care. There should be nothing divisive or objectionable in what you list. That means avoiding topics such as religion, politics and anything else that might be considered controversial.
  • Do not confuse American CVs with European CVs (this example is in line with European style). American CVs are much longer and much more exhaustive, sometimes running as many as 10 pages.
  • Stick with no more than three pages for extensive work experience, two pages for professional-level experience, and no more than a single page for entry-level experience.
  • Add, at your discretion, sections such as Work Experience, Education and Training, Personal Skills/Languages, Organizational/Managerial Skills, Job-Related Skills, Digital Competence and Additional Information (listing projects, conferences, awards and the like).
  • Avoid using your current work email address as your email contact unless you are seeking an internal position.
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