Social Worker CV Example

Employers often consider an applicant’s curriculum vitae just as strongly as other parts of the application material. For this reason, writing a standout CV is important, and we make it manageable with a social worker CV example. Your CV should have various components, including work history, education, skills and a professional summary. We show you an example of each category so you will know how to write your own. When your CV is strong, you are more likely to get called in for an interview, as you’ll be showcasing yourself in the best possible way.

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Jennifer Justice

335 Miranda Court, Portland, Oregon 11111

T: 555-343-5297

E: jjustice@anymail

Professional Summary

I have seven years of experience as a social worker for children of all ages. My expertise is in such vast fields as abuse and neglect, physical disability, mental health, poverty and parental substance abuse. I treat each child with respect and consideration, and I practice positive treatment approaches to help children flourish inside and outside of school and home. I also counsel parents to provide comprehensive support to family units, and I work with school personnel to ensure quality care.

Work Experience
Social Worker

  • Counseled children affected by physical abuse and neglect who showed inadequate school performance.
  • Interviewed both children and parents to assess their individual situations and competencies.
  • Created unique service arrangements for each child based on his or her individual needs.

Social Worker

  • Worked with pregnant teens to provide support and match them with available services in the community.
  • Continued meeting with several teens after the pregnancy to provide long-lasting assistance.
  • Often worked as a liaison between teens and doctors, courts or schools.

Social Worker

  • Counseled teenagers with substance abuse problems who had completed in-patient rehabilitation and were transitioning back to high school.
  • Met with parents and other guardians to create family-wide plans of action and to discuss any struggles or concerns.
  • Recommended specific services for parents and guardians when needed, including adult substance abuse rehabilitation and group therapy.

Education and Training
Master of Arts in Social Work

San Jose State University
San Jose, California

Internship as case worker

Bright Horizons Rehabilitation


  • Proficient in Student Information Systems (SIS)
  • Strong background in psychology and sociology
  • Active listening skills and an approachable demeanor
  • Able to handle a variety of emotional outbursts
  • Extremely professional with confidential information
  • Strong social perceptiveness and critical thinking skills
  • Able to form and maintain interpersonal relationships
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy hiking on weekends. Learning sign language for personal edification.

Tips for Writing Your Social Worker CV Example

Social Worker Overview

Social workers work with children and adults to help them overcome or manage challenges. They provide social services and offer assistance to augment the individual’s life both at home and at school. Some social workers arrange adoptions and help children find foster homes. Others help students manage teenage pregnancies, reduce truancies or change misbehavior. Oftentimes, a social worker will work with other family members, as well as teachers, to provide comprehensive assistance for the child. Social workers resolve conflicts, act as mediators and come up with solutions to help the client. They help the client develop appropriate goals and are able to make adjustments as necessary. Those in this field are entrusted with confidential information that they must only divulge when appropriate. When consulting our social worker CV example, be sure to include skills and experience that demonstrate your competence in this field.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Social Worker CV

Social workers need to have a strong background in psychology and sociology to assess a client’s needs. They must listen attentively and have strong critical thinking skills to reach solutions. Social workers must have a combination of sensitivity and firmness; they must be able to connect with the client while also acting as an authority. To be an effective social worker, you will want to be well-versed in policies and procedures for your specialty. You need to work well with coworkers and supervisors to ensure the best service for your clients. Social workers are often extremely compassionate and have a natural desire to help others. Listing these qualities can show potential employers you possess the skills, knowledge and personal characteristics needed for the job. When reading through the social worker CV example, think of the unique character traits that make you a qualified applicant.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

In addition to the information in the social worker CV example, these tips can aid you in creating a quality CV:

  • Use action verbs when listing your skills and job duties.
  • While the Hobbies and Interests section is optional, completing this section can give the employer insight into who you are outside of work.
  • Use a professional-sounding email address instead of something colloquial like skittles@anymail.
  • Leave off your street address if you don’t want to provide this information and simply list the city and state instead.
  • Proofread your document twice and avoid relying on spellcheck.
  • List your job duties and skills in bullet points for ease of reading.
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