Senior Software Engineer CV Example

As you enter into the job market, you’ll notice that it can get crowded. Using the senior software engineer CV example included here, you’ll be able to create an outstanding employment reference document to help you get noticed. A well-crafted curriculum vitae conveys your work history and professional skills while also illustrating enough of your personality that employers can tell right away if you’re a good fit for their companies’ respective cultures. The advice and tips offered here can also be used as a good roadmap in tailoring your own CV or preparing a job listing for a similar position.

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Steve Stevenson

456 East Street, St. Louis, Missouri, 11111

T: 555-555-9876

E: stevenson1@goodapplicant

Professional Summary

I have worked in software engineering for almost 22 years. During that time, I have had the opportunity to serve as a member of software development teams, through which I was able to develop strong communication skills as well as a good appreciation for the collective strength of a workgroup. At the same time, I have also been asked to handle a number of solo coding projects, which has helped me develop a sense of meticulousness and attention to detail. I have been privileged to work as the junior engineer for my current department for the last five years. This role has allowed me to develop strong leadership and administrative skills. My goal now is to apply my collective skill set in the role of senior software engineer.

Work Experience
Junior Software Developer
2011 – Present

  • Initiated and guided development projects at the request of management teams and under the direction of the senior developer.
  • Reported status of program and application development and rollouts to executive committee, marketing and sales teams, as well as to clients.
  • Assisted with the implementation of several interface upgrades that clients reported to have increased their systems’ performance by a collective 315%.

Software Engineer
2001 – 2011

  • Worked with development environment programs such as PowerShell and ActionScript to deploy software components.
  • Participated in planning sessions with sales teams and clients to review technical details of proposed projects.
  • Served as the team lead for development staff tasked with creating four beta program versions.

Systems Analyst
1997 - 2001

Help Center Representative
1994 – 1997

Education and Training
Bachelors of Science in Computer Programming

Midwestern State Tech

  • Developed student coding project recognized by national accrediting board as being among the top 5 in the Midwestern region.
  • Completed internship program with local software engineering firm as part of senior seminar project.
  • Took courses in advanced coding languages, object oriented development programs and program testing software platforms.

C/C++ and FORTRAN Certification, Adobe Systems ActionScript User

Computer Technical College

Microsoft ActiveX and PowerShell Specialist

Microsoft Virtual Academy


  • Expert-level knowledge of software development languages
  • Efficient at troubleshooting systems issues during the beta stage
  • Strong customer service skills
  • Good leader and communicator
  • Self-demanding
Hobbies and Interests

  • Classic car enthusiast. Have personally restored 1969 Chevrolet Camaro and 1972 Plymouth Barracuda.
  • Comic book collector. Travel to several local shows each year in search of vintage editions. Currently own over 1,500 titles.
  • Enjoy cross-fit and yoga.

Tips for Writing Your Senior Software Engineer CV

Senior Software Engineer Overview

Before using the senior software engineer CV example included here to create your own document, you’ll first want to have a firm understanding of the job details of the position that you’re seeking. Your past work experience may have already given you a good idea of what these will be. Your coding and development work will likely continue; however in a senior engineer position, you’ll likely be responsible for guidance and supervision of other engineers’ work. The hands-on tasks that you’ll be involved in may be more aimed at modifying existing software to optimize performance. You will typically be your team’s central point of contact with other department heads and executives and will likely be involved in quarterly and annual planning meetings. You may also be given administrative tasks, such as performing quality reviews with your team members.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Senior Software Engineer CV

Perhaps it goes without saying that in order to be considered for a senior software engineer position, you have to have a strong working knowledge of programming languages. As you can see in the senior software engineer CV example, you should include details regarding all of the software and web development programs you’re familiar with. Prospective employers may also want to see that you understand design principles and techniques so as to be able to better communicate concepts with those developing user interfaces. Skills such as critical thinking and analysis are also important to possess as a software engineer, as is the ability to communicate technical details in layman’s terms to those unfamiliar with computer technology.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

The senior software engineer CV example included here will give you a general idea of the information required to be in such a document and how to present it. While following it closely will no doubt leave you with a strong CV, you should also remember to optimize it where you can. Here are some additional best practices to consider when creating your final draft:

  • Keep it brief and concise. A professional-level CV (such as one you would create for a senior software engineer position) should not exceed two pages.
  • When listing your professional achievements, provide context whenever possible so as to show the reader how significant your accomplishments truly are.
  • Stay away from any political or religious references in your CV, as such topics often serve to alienate audiences.
  • Do not exceed five bullet points when giving details about a single topic.
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