Senior Financial Analyst CV Example

Seeking a job as a senior financial analyst can be difficult. Having a strong curriculum vitae makes it much easier to catch the attention of employers. Your CV is meant to explain your work experiences, while highlighting your skills and abilities that you have developed throughout your career. The following senior financial analyst CV example and writing guide includes many tips for getting started, so you can be sure your CV is as effective as possible.

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Gary Sprout

4613 River Street, San Francisco, California, 11111

T: 555-852-4565

E: gsprout@anymail

Professional Summary

Committed financial analyst ready to utilize career of more than 10 years in dedicated senior position. I am detail-oriented and results driven, ready to tackle complex economic data and make conclusions to help inform decisions. Organized and hard working, able to immediately begin working together with other financial professionals to maximize successful investment and profits.

Work Experience
Senior Financial Analyst
2013 to present

Perform quantitative analysis on a daily basis in an attempt to forecast economic conditions. Compile weekly reports of my findings and present orally to board of directors. Lead financial department, managing nearly a dozen individuals, and make leadership decisions to increase efficiency. Conduct in-depth research into ongoing transactions in search of areas of potential improvement, and report relevant information to superiors so they can make an informed decision.

Financial Manager
2010 to 2013

Assisted in accounting department to keep track of finances. Performed numerous mathematical calculations each day to manage economic processes. Made recommendations to leadership staff about current conditions and upcoming decisions.

Financial Advisor
2005 to 2010

Reviewed small batches of financial information in search of inconsistencies and unnecessary expenses. Compiled findings in reports and explained them to clients. Answered inquiries and provided support to clients. Kept detailed ledger of interactions.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Economics - 2009
Masters of Economics – 2011

University of San Francisco


  • Accounting experience and extensive economic knowledge
  • Excellent communication abilities, both written and oral
  • Critical thinking, mathematics, deduction
  • Technological native
Hobbies and Interests

In my free time, I enjoy reading economic magazines. While I find it fun, it also helps me stay up-to-date with the market trends and changes. To stay active, I try to run daily and I enjoy playing both tennis and golf.

Tips for Writing Your Senior Financial Analyst CV

Senior Financial Analyst Overview

As this senior financial analyst CV example demonstrated, you should include information in your CV that makes it clear you have a complete understanding of the position. After reading your CV, employers should have no doubts that you are qualified to enter the position. You should make this clear in every section. Financial analysts are responsible for reviewing current and future investments, projects, and programs to determine their financial consequences. They must gather as much data as possible and make recommendations to managers and directors about the best course of action. They may also have to present written or oral reports on the information they gather.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Senior Financial Analyst CV

Just like your knowledge of the general overview of the position, your CV should also make it clear which relevant skills you have acquired. The above senior financial analyst CV example shows that you do not have to limit this information to just the skills section. In fact, your CV is as strong as possible when each section reinforces these skills. Senior financial analysts must have extensive economic and accounting knowledge, as well as mathematical skills, critical thinking, and deduction abilities. Secondly, you should mention minor skills and attributes that are related, such as communication, management, leadership, or cooperation. Research the opening to discover which skills are most important for each specific job you apply for.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

In addition to this senior financial analyst CV example, review these simple writing tips before you begin your own CV.

  • Because your summary acts as a hook, it should be relatively short. It is most effective at catching a reader’s attention and encouraging them to read on when it is four to six lines.
  • Your experience section is the most important, and is the section you are trying to guide readers toward. Include the strongest information possible in this section.
  • The positions in your experience section should be listed with your current job first and all others in reverse chronological order. Only the current position should be in present tense.
  • Include specific metrics wherever you can to add credibility and strength to your CV.
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