Senior Business Analyst CV Example

As you apply for jobs, it is important that you stand out above your competition to land an interview and become a top candidate. By having a CV that grabs the attention of potential employers and hiring managers, you can give yourself an advantage during the job-hunting process. Our senior business analyst CV example is designed to help you understand what to include in your CV as well as how to write a solid CV in general.

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Joe Johnson

88888 E. Peach St., Salt Lake City, UT, 55555

T: 123-456-7890

E: jjohnson@anymail

Professional Summary

Motivated business analyst with over 12 years of experience in the private sector helping businesses manage their expenses and remain profitable. My strong communication skills allow me to listen to other departments and recognize where expenditures should be minimized or expanded based on the organization’s main objectives. Extensive knowledge of many financial practices and principles, including equities, fixed income, forecasting, basic accounting, and credit management.

Work Experience
Junior Analyst
2012 -present

  • Identified at-risk accounts for a large corporation after reviewing financial ledgers and books in great detail.
  • Interpreted financial data for many departments and determined where improvements could be made as well as how to allocate funds to the right areas to prompt expansion and financial stability on a short- and long-term basis.
  • Supervised a small team of analysts on large financial projects.

Financial Project Manager
2007 – 2012

  • Managed financial projects for a small team based on initiatives handed down from department heads.
  • Investigated proper financial practices and new software designed to streamline the accounts and expenditures of commercial organizations.
  • Looked over books and financial ledgers on a regular basis to identify where extra attention and analysis could be allocated.

Accounting Associate
2004 – 2007

  • Handled several accounts for a small business looking to make sound financial decisions and expand within a short period of time.
  • Entered financial information into a software program and ensured all accounts were in balance with each other and accurate.
  • Spent time analyzing where spending could be streamlined and determined where funds should be allocated to ensure financial objectives were met.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Science in Finance

University of Utah

Graduated with honors

Internship as account manager for senior capstone project

Salt Lake City Public Utilities


  • Exceptional understanding of SQL queries and how they can be used to extract data while performing analyses.
  • Ability to successfully implement and enable financial reporting methods to help businesses make sure proper reporting processes and guidelines are met.
  • Strong communication skills that allow for management of small teams to be conducted in a way that benefits organizations as a whole.
  • Detail-oriented so that inaccuracies are caught and reported and all financial metrics are properly analyzed.
  • Exceptional ability for understanding deadlines, prioritizing and then meeting specifications so that all project requirements are met in a timely manner.
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy reading and writing short stories in my spare time. Have an affinity for gardening and regularly use the ingredients I grow in new dishes I come up with. Spend time volunteering on the weekends at a nursing home whenever possible.

Tips for Writing Your Senior Business Analyst CV

Senior Business Analyst Overview

As you can see from our senior business analyst CV example, business analysts are responsible for a variety of tasks and are often responsible for ensuring the financial stability of an organization. For instance, not only do senior business analysts try to find opportunities for streamlining costs, they are also required to manage teams and junior analysts. For these reasons, you want to highlight your ability to meet the financial demands of small to mid-sized organizations while also showing you work and communicate well with associates. You should also show you have a strong handle on accounting and financial management programs as they relate to the business world.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Senior Business Analyst CV

Our senior business analyst CV example illustrates the types of information you need to include in your own CV so you get noticed during the hiring process. As you draft your professional summary, make sure you mention any awards you have received in your industry in addition to noting you have an extensive amount of experience in a business analyst-related role. This information should also be shown in the awards and skills section on your CV. Additionally, you should be sure you note all your experience as a business analyst so future employers can easily see you are worthy of a senior position.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

Although our senior business analyst CV example is a good place to start when writing your own CV, there are many other tips we want to offer that can help you write this document in general:

  • When you start putting together your CV, take a minute to write down all your professional skills and accomplishments.
  • Make sure your personal statement is attention-grabbing while still being concise so potential employers are tempted to continue reading about your skills and experience.
  • Before you submit your CV, read it over a few times so you catch grammatical errors or typos you might have missed.
  • When you write out your previous work experiences, be as specific as possible about your roles and responsibilities in each position.
  • Avoid being too personal about your life, especially in your hobbies and interests section.
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