Sales Representative CV Example

A strong curriculum vitae is a key component to getting invited to an interview for jobs in the top industries. When you first sit down to start writing your CV, it’s important to take advantage of helpful advice so your CV makes an impact with a hiring manager. In the sales representative CV example presented below, you can follow its lead and build your CV’s professional summary, work experience, educations, skills and hobbies sections. This easy to read format can help your CV rise to the top of the applicant pool.

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Michael Brady

12 Poplar Ave Atlanta, GA 11111

T: 555-242-4211

E: mikebrady@anymail

Professional Summary

Driven sales representative with 12 years of experience in the internet technology sector. A high level of product knowledge and an ability to quickly learn details about new inventory and accessories. A commitment to building customer relationships by reaching out to new clients and nurturing positive interactions with existing customers. Extremely skilled in explaining product features and benefits to customers, negotiating packages and pricing and closing sales deals.

Work Experience
Sales Representative
December 2013 – present

  • Surpassed quarterly sales goals targets by 15 percent with increased attention to customer education and devotion to friendly customer service.
  • Sought out new clients by using current established network of contacts with attendance at industry trade shows, conferences, workshops and other networking events.
  • Educated new and existing customers about the features and benefits of products for sale by visiting clients on site and demonstrating potential uses and solutions.

Sales Representative
May 2007 – December 2013

  • Increased the rate of customer retention by 18 percent within the first year of employment by focusing on weekly existing client contact and feedback.
  • Provided timely and comprehensive solutions and answers to client questions about product issues when asked.
  • Created detailed sales contracts for new and existing clients when products and services were ordered and walked the customer through all of the terms and sections.

Sales Assistant
June 2004 – May 2007

  • Supported a sales associate staff of 12 by managing customer databases, preparing correspondence and sending out sales contracts.
  • Communicated with clients on behalf of sales associates when there was a concern or a question about a product or service.
  • Represented the company at quarterly trade show events by working a sales booth station and providing information about products and services.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Science in Marketing

University of Georgia
Atlanta, GA

Recipient of the Georgia Stars Scholarship

Internship as a Sales Assistant

Ted Turner Industries


  • Ability to persuade others, which helps me convince clients to purchase recommended products or services.
  • Effective communicator when speaking to clients or colleagues and when dealing with written correspondence.
  • Strong listening skills to give customers a sense that their questions or concerns will be dealt with immediately.
  • Commitment to providing excellent customer service in all aspects of a sales transaction.
  • Fine attention to detail where mistakes or other discrepancies are spotted.
Hobbies and Interests

Hobby woodworker since high school. Design and craft woodworking projects by hand, such as chairs, tables and other pieces of furniture. Antique buying enthusiast. Attend various estate sales and farm auctions around the region to refinish and use for décor or resale. Scuba diving instructor in my spare time. Enjoy taking diving trips around the world, such as the Caribbean, the Maldives and Hawaii.

Tips for Writing Your Sales Representative CV

Sales Representative Overview

Looking at the sales representative CV example can help you get additional details about the daily activities that are important in this line of work. A sales representative is the driving force in a company’s ability to close deals, push products and make sales to help with yearly revenue. An effective CV for a sales representative should address your commitment to making sales and dealing with customers. In your work experience and skills sections, you must give details about your sales experience. The CV should also give plenty of examples of your customer service abilities and your dedication to providing information about products to the customers.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Sales Representative CV

Getting a hiring manager to notice your job application is much easier if you carefully analyze the sales representative CV example. When you begin writing your own CV, make it your mission to demonstrate to your future employer that you have the necessary skills and knowledge required of a successful sales representative. Your work experience, education and skills sections should all provide evidence of your ability to be successful in the job. Sales representatives should be extremely skilled in communication, so be sure to mention your strengths in listening, speaking to clients and writing. A successful sales representative should also be skilled in the art of negotiating. You can address this specific skill by explaining how your negotiating skills have positively impacted the companies you’ve worked for.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

As you get ready to craft your CV, remember to use the sales representative CV example as a resource. Here are additional best practices to follow.

  • When writing your professional summary, realize that this is the first impression that a hiring manager will get about you, so aim to hook them with compelling and persuasive language.
  • Use a variety of strong action words to describe the basics about your daily responsibilities and duties in your previous work experiences.
  • Keep your education section succinct with information about your degrees earned and schools attended, but feel free to include noteworthy awards and achievements.
  • Use the skills section to address important industry abilities that are sought after in the job posting.
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