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Your CV is the ticket to getting invited to an interview with your company of choice. If you’re not sure how to make your CV stand out from those of other applicants, start with this recruiter CV example. Look over this sample CV to see how to go about writing your professional summary, work experience, education and training, skills, and interests. Once you’ve gotten your CV in top condition, you may find yourself getting better results in your job hunt.

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Henry Thatcher

1221 Woodville Lane Los Angeles, CA 11111

T: 555-873-5309

E: henryathatcher@anymail

Professional Summary

Driven recruiting professional with nine years of experience working in human resources. Excellent background in effective recruiting strategies for a dynamic workforce. Dedication to reaching corporate objectives for interviewing, hiring and retaining new employees. Strong leadership skills that help employees feel welcome and driven to work for an organization. Commitment to results that provide capable, motivated and successful candidates for employment.

Work Experience
September 2013 – present

  • Managed a human resources database of personnel records, including new hire packets, tax forms, promotional documents and salary information for a company of more than 150 employees.
  • Developed strategies to educate new and existing employees about company human resources policies at initial hire and when changes were made.
  • Recruited new hires through interviewing and evaluated the potential of a job applicant using company guidelines.

August 2008 – September 2013

  • Interviewed potential job applicants and partnered with management to select the final candidates for each open position.
  • Conducted a new employee training class that detailed the basic policies of the company and the information about the job.
  • Counseled personnel when needed about workplace issues, such as sexual harassment, grievances or other potential sources of conflict.

Human Resources Assistant
January 2007 – August 2008

  • Used human resources computer software to create files for new employees when hired; entered information about employment details and updated when needed.
  • Organized corporate documents for existing employees that outlined company policies, performance evaluations, employee directories and other important information.
  • Processed tax and salary documentation for promotions, new hires and terminations.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Science in Human Resources

University of Virginia Charlottesville

Internship in Human Resources

ValTech Corporation


  • Strong listening skills that help me understand what individuals need or how a problem is affecting someone.
  • Excellent speaking ability, which allows those in the conversation to have a clear understanding of the message.
  • Expertise in critical thinking, giving me an uncanny ability to identify potential strengths and weaknesses of job applicants and to solve complex problems in the workplace.
  • Capable communicator in writing, allowing my written correspondence to employees and job applicants to be easily comprehended.
  • An ability to learn new skills quickly and with ease as the human resources field is constantly evolving.
Hobbies and Interests

Hiking and outdoors enthusiast. I enjoy going on hikes through national parks and forests with my family and friends and spending time outdoors. Fluent in Chinese language. Since taking Chinese lessons in high school, I have continued to develop fluency in speaking Chinese. Dedicated world traveler. I have a passion for international travel, meeting new people, and learning about unique cultures and landscapes.

Tips for Writing Your Recruiter CV

Recruiter Overview

Working as a recruiter is an essential piece in the success of a business. In the recruiter CV example, there are many details that help someone understand the general duties of this job. That’s why it’s important to address some of the most important components of this kind of position when writing your CV. Recruiters are responsible for attracting new employees to a company and helping them make a smooth transition into starting work at the organization. They are also advocates for existing employees and work with staff in situations related to salary, tax withholdings, promotions and terminations. Recruiters must have a wide variety of experiences in the human resources field in order to come across as a qualified applicant for an organization.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Recruiter CV

When a hiring manager is reading your CV, he or she wants to see evidence of specific skills and knowledge. The recruiter CV example has details of some of the most important components of this job. If you focus on skills that are part of the job posting in your CV, you are more likely to get invited to an interview. Recruiters must be able to listen effectively. Address this important skill by giving examples of how you demonstrate it. You must also have excellent written and oral communication skills. In your CV, describe your ability to communicate. Finally, recruiters must also be effective problem solvers. Discuss your problem-solving experiences in your work history or skills sections.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

After figuring out the details about an excellent CV and modeling your own document after the recruiter CV example, it’s important to follow other general writing tips. Here is what else you need to keep in mind when writing your CV:

  • Organize your CV’s work experience and education section by reverse chronological order for maximum effectiveness.
  • The length of your CV can vary depending on your career level. If you are a new graduate or an entry-level worker, one page is fine. For more experienced candidates, two pages are the maximum.
  • For your work history and skills section, include specific quantities whenever you can to give the hiring manager a clearer image of your impact.
  • Focus on your CV’s word choice and language. Clear action verbs are most effective when discussing your previous jobs and responsibilities.
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