Quality Manager CV Example

There are often several steps involved in the hiring process before you receive a job offer, and the first step is catching the hiring manager's attention with a strong curriculum vitae. As our quality manager CV example shows, your CV should highlight your professional skills and accomplishments concisely and encourage the reader to invite you in for a personal interview. Start with the included example and use the writing tips to customize your own CV that will make a strong first impression on potential employers.

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Amy Williams

109 River Avenue, San Francisco, California, 11111

T: 555-654-8291

E: amy.williams@anymail

Professional Summary

Dedicated leader with extensive industry experience and first-hand knowledge of production and management positions. Experienced with several different production and quality control tracking programs, and familiar with standard reporting procedures. Friendly and approachable personality encourages team members to ask for advice and help when needed and inspires excellence while creating a positive work environment.

Work Experience
Floor Supervisor
2012 to present

Manage entire production floor, including serving as direct supervisor for several production leads. Create weekly status updates and detailed monthly reports including information on production metrics, budgetary information, incident reports and solutions, and quality control standards. Implement new procedure for reporting and fixing production issues. Perform annual employee reviews for over 50 employees.

Production Lead

Served as team leader for production and warehouse personnel, providing on-the-job training for new employees. Reported to floor supervisor and ensured team members worked according to production and quality standards. Ensured team members followed standard safety procedures and documented incident reports when required. Attended quarterly town hall meetings to present team production statistics.

Warehouse Production Team Member

Worked in production line, ensuring adherence to production timeline and quality standards. Participated in mentorship program with senior production staff members. Volunteered to test and document new procedure for production and quality control, and wrote extensive feedback during testing.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Science in Business

Colorado State University

Coursework in Business Administration

Colorado State Global University


  • Attention to detail and dedication to meeting production goals so that deadlines are followed without loss of quality
  • Experience working on the production floor, and ability to work side by side with employees to correct problems
  • Good communication skills with team members and management personnel along with experience conducting employee reviews
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office and compliance software, as well as several different industrial control software programs
Hobbies and Interests

Love to travel and enjoy cooking, especially new culinary styles from different cultures. Play the violin as part of the local amateur orchestra. Read extensively and occasionally write book reviews for library circular. Enjoy finding and restoring estate furniture and antiques.

  • Yoga practitioner. Attend yoga classes weekly and practice at home on a daily basis.

Tips for Writing Your Quality Manager CV

Quality Manager Overview

The quality manager CV example shows that one essential aspect to a well-written CV is a thorough understanding of the industry and position for which you are applying. A quality manager is responsible for planning and directing quality assurance measures and coordinating with other departments to ensure compliance with quality standards. You will be in charge of creating quality control policies and overseeing production to make sure all employees follow standard protocol and meet stated objectives. A quality manager needs strong leadership and interpersonal skills, attention to detail, and ability to organize numerous physical and human resources. Your CV should focus on your management experience and highlight projects you have successfully completed.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Quality Manager CV

As you can see in the quality manager CV example, your curriculum vitae should showcase your specific qualifications that relate to the industry. Use the work experience and professional summary sections to highlight your organizational and management skills. If you have completed any relevant professional development courses, you can refer to them in the professional summary and list the detailed information in the education section. Because technology is such an important part of every industry, use your skills section to list your proficiency in common office software and any industry-specific programs. Make sure to highlight any professional accolades or achievements you have earned, creating an awards section of your CV if necessary. Attention to detail and dedication to success are other important aspects to showcase in your CV.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

The quality manager CV example shows how to include personal and industry-specific information while also following general CV writing best practices such as the following:

  • Format your CV to the standard A4 paper size with an easy-to-read font no smaller than 10pt.
  • Add personal information such as hobbies, interests, and a professional photograph (if desired), but refrain from including controversial subjects such as religious and political views.
  • Before submitting your CV, always double check for grammatical mistakes and typos by using several methods, such as reading aloud, running an automated spellcheck program, and asking someone else to proofread it if possible.
  • Use reverse chronological order for your work experience section starting with your most recent position, and don't make any references to why you left previous jobs.
  • Don't include GPA information in your education section unless you have graduated recently.
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