Quality Engineer CV Example

You may be a quality engineer but feel lost when it comes to engineering a quality CV. Your curriculum vitae is your chance to show potential employers that you have what it takes to work for them, but yours will need to be strong to have that effect. One of the best ways to get started on the right track is to consult an example and model yours after its format and conventions. In addition to our quality engineer CV example, you can refer to the tips contain below for the information you need to write an excellent CV.

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Stephanie Hyde

1453 Bird Ln., Small Town, VA 11111

T: 555-555-2469

E: shyde@anymail

Professional Summary

I am a quality engineer with extensive experience in industrial management, quality auditing and specialty manufacturing. All of this experience has contributed to the development of my unique skill set, which includes exemplary blueprint drafting and reading, superior computer skills and excellent problem-solving abilities. With these skills, I have been able to innovate, develop solutions and improve processes at each of my prior positions. I believe that the quality engineer position is essential to the success of the company, and as such, I am committed to maintaining its high standard.

Work Experience
Quality Engineer
September 2014–Present

  • Implement and design initiatives that will continue to improve the quality of processes and products that are produced.
  • Maintain high level of consistency and final quality for all parts manufactured at the company plant.
  • Initiate interventions and find a timely solution when quality is lacking or discrepancies in material are found.

Manufacturing Lead
April 2012–September 2014

  • Led team in operating machinery and completing processes relating to the manufacturing of company’s products.
  • Motivated team to perform, produce and keep quality levels high through attention to detail.
  • Supervised team members and provided guidance, coaching and training whenever necessary.

Technical Supervisor
December 2010–April 2012

  • Oversaw the technical operations of the manufacturing plant and ensured that all team members were compliant.
  • Maintained log of all technical issues that arose and affected the quality of the products or the production of the plant.

Education and Training
Certified Quality Engineer
Since 2010

Associate of Science in Industrial Sciences, Halpern Community College


  • Advanced knowledge of quality standards
  • CAD and CNC software expertise
  • Superior management skills and leadership abilities
  • Familiar with blueprinting for manufacturing
  • Superior written and verbal communication skills
Hobbies and Interests

Deliver meals to the disabled and elderly through community meal delivery charity program. Help job seekers by assisting with applications and cover letters at the local community center. I also develop my skills further by enrolling in continuing education courses at Halpern Community College.

Tips for Writing Your Quality Engineer CV

Quality Engineer Overview

You can likely garner many valuable tips from this quality engineer CV example, but perhaps the most important takeaway should be that familiarity with the job is required in crafting an excellent CV. Quality engineers are responsible for monitoring and maintaining the quality of products produced in an industrial setting, and to do so, they much be familiar with technologies, programs and conventions that are used in quality management. Quality engineers also must take the initiative to correct problems and quality deficiencies when they appear, so it is essential that your CV communicate your ability to do all of these things.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Quality Engineer CV

The quality engineer position demands a range of skills, and the quality engineer CV example above demonstrates some of the best ways to present these skills to potential employers. You can make your CV easy to read by following our format and using your professional summary to grab readers’ attention. In this section, you can also include any special qualifications or awards that you have earned and elaborate in the Skills or Awards section. Your work history should then illustrate how your career has developed and why the position you are seeking is the next natural step in your trajectory.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

The quality engineer CV example above demonstrates some important principles for writing your own CV, but follow these tips for more specific guidance that will help, too:

  • Focus on communicating your accomplishments rather than just describing previous positions you have held.
  • Cater your CV to the sector you are seeking work in and ensure that all information included is relevant to that field.
  • Proofread carefully to ensure that there are no simple errors that could compromise the impression you make.
  • Demonstrate your personality while still keeping things professional by including a few hobbies and interests, especially those that could be related to the job in question.
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