Property Manager CV Example

In the pursuit of a new career, finding the right angle to approach the hiring process can be a daunting task. However, with a little help from our property manager CV example and following tips, we hope that finding the right fit becomes a little easier. Your curriculum vitae plays an essential role in the employment process, serving as your introduction to potential employers. By strengthening your CV, you can offer a clearer picture of your qualifications and start capturing the attention of hiring managers.

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Sophia Meadows

520 Oak Pl, Port Orange, FL 11111

T: (555) 830-0244


Professional Summary

Current residential landlord with 7 years’ experience looking to expand into commercial property management. Proficient in Florida landlord/tenant regulations, hospitality agreements and property tax codes. Licensed real estate broker and former florist, appreciative of well-maintained landscape and property. Personable, organized and task-oriented. Dedicated to maintaining an efficient, clean and desirable property with an emphasis on excellent tenant comfort and satisfaction. Quick problem solver, resourceful and calm under pressure.

Work Experience
Residential Landlord & Property Manager

  • Own, manage and lease single-unit residential property for vacation rentals, including guest services.
  • Coordinate rental agreements and file leasing information, background checks and security deposits.
  • Improved property value 65 percent after renovations and landscaping.

Real Estate Broker

  • Brokered both residential and small commercial properties, serving community as trusted real estate agent.
  • Awarded Best in New Home Sales in 2010, increasing commission by 23 percent in a single year.
  • Negotiated rigorously with sellers to secure fairest price for homebuyers.


  • Designed and assembled original floral designs.
  • Completed customer orders and wholesale orders for weddings, funerals and other large events.

Education and Training
Florida Broker License

Florida Dept. of Business and Professional Regulation

Associate in Business Management

Palm Coast Community Institute


  • Active communication and coordination skills between staff and lessees, retaining loyal tenants through multiple leases
  • Engaged, hands-on problem solving, from emergency repair calls to tenant conflicts
  • Successful real estate sales abilities, closing an average of six properties per quarter
  • Proficient in computational analysis and budget reports, managing overhead property costs
  • Fluent in real estate law and tax code
Hobbies and Interests

Former florist by trade, still active in gardening and bouquet arrangements. Lent time to decorate and coordinate fundraising gala at Port Orange Arts and Culture Center. Sell small-batch, hand-curated terrariums and other home goods through online retailer and craft fairs. Love puzzles, reading and spending time with my two dogs.

Tips for Writing Your Property Manager CV

Property Manager Overview

As you go through the property manager CV example, take the time to review what the job entails. Typically, property managers oversee one or a series of real estate developments, both residential and commercial. Responsibilities include negotiating lease agreements with tenants, coordinating maintenance efforts, addressing issues with the property in a timely manner, hiring contractors, keeping the grounds secure and acting as a liaison between other managers, owners and tenants. You will also undertake more administrative roles, such as communicating with insurance companies and filing the proper building, lease and tax paperwork. Finally, you’ll be required to manage budgetary needs, finding inefficiencies in spending and negotiating lower contracts.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Property Manager CV

Looking at the property manager CV example, notice the kinds of skills and work experiences that are included. You’ll see that they are frequently targeting the desired job opening, playing up many of the qualities hiring managers look for. In your CV, you’ll want to include a variety of communication and negotiation abilities. You should express your confidence in problem solving and compromise. In your work experience, include any jobs or certifications that lend to property management, such as real estate, janitorial work or landscaping. Education requirements vary for this position but generally ask for some form of postsecondary degree. Lastly, be sure to emphasize your commitment and attention to detail as these are qualities sought after by most employers.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

Before you get started on writing your new curriculum vitae, take one last look at our property manager CV example and review these final pointers:

  • Use engaging, active language to sound more eloquent and professional. Tired, repetitive language is not only boring but a lousy spokesman for you as well. Strong, confident words are much more successful: coordinate, facilitate, excel, assemble, streamline, etc.
  • Work experience and education should be recent and listed in reverse chronological order. Do not include employment history that is over 10 years old and any education or training that is dated or irrelevant.
  • Remain professional, but do include some personal touches. You want to relate to employers and demonstrate personality without sounding too casual. Additionally, avoid any overt religious or political alignments as they are generally irrelevant and often inappropriate in a professional setting.
  • Be specific and use quantifiable metrics to support your qualifications. If possible, include hard numbers such as productivity rates and sales data to fortify your experience and provide an evaluative measure of your skill level.
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