Project Coordinator CV Example

When you are applying for a position, your application packet should include both an introductory cover letter as well as a CV that describes your skills and qualifications. A well-written and comprehensive curriculum vitae makes a good first impression and increases your chances of landing a personal interview. Writing a CV can seem like a daunting prospect, but using a sample like the one included here can make the task much easier. Use the project coordinator CV example below along with our helpful tips to create your own CV that will give your application an edge.

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John Smith

222 Broadway, Denver, Colorado, 11111

T: 555-482-3377

E: john.smith@anymail

Professional Summary

I am a highly dedicated and organized project manager with a diverse work history and years of leadership experience. I am ready to oversee and manage large-scale projects from conceptual phase through completion. I have excellent communication skills and am experienced in dealing with customers, executives, and employees of all levels. I am passionate about finding the best way to complete the mission, and I have demonstrated successful leadership of several complicated projects. My work experience and excellent leadership skills allow me to improve employee cooperation with both internal and external partners.

Work Experience
Project Manager
2014 to present

Coordinated several extensive projects annually from planning to completion. Created and presented initial budgetary reports as well as monthly budget updates. Oversaw staffing and resource allocation in multiple departments and organized outsourcing initiative. Provided hands-on supervision of team leads and conducted annual employee reviews.

Team Lead

Managed sales team, including organizing incentive programs and providing employee feedback. Created new system for tracking goal completion and recording changes, client requests, and timeline revisions. Worked together with human resources department during recruitment operations and mentored new employees.

Executive Administrator

Assisted executive staff by scheduling travel, facilitating teleconferences, and organizing quarterly board meetings. Prepared reports, financial documents, and project summaries when necessary. Communicated directly with clients to schedule meetings and provide updates regarding ongoing projects.

Administrative Assistant

Served as front desk receptionist, greeted incoming clients, answered phones, and scheduled appointments. Organized annual holiday parties and created monthly employee newsletter.

Education and Training
Bachelor of Science in Communication

Colorado State University

Coursework in Business Administration

University of Colorado


  • Extremely organized and able to plan detailed schedules for multiple people to meet deadlines and complete projects in a timely manner.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills with experience helping numerous teams coordinate to meet objectives.
  • Comfortable interacting one-on-one with various people and capable of inspiring passion and work ethic while maintaining morale.
  • Experience organizing large-scale events with ability to break down overarching goals into measurable and realistic steps.
Hobbies and Interests

Avid reader and participant in two book discussion clubs. Follow European football leagues, enjoy playing tennis occasionally and also have a food blog about my adventures as an amateur baker. Passionate about charitable work and volunteer with the local rescue mission twice a month.

Tips for Writing Your Project Coordinator CV

Project Coordinator Overview

As shown in the project coordinator CV example, you can use a thorough understanding of the job requirements to highlight your relevant experience and skills. A project coordinator can work in a variety of industries, but the essential qualifications are the same. You will use complex problem-solving skills to find the most efficient ways to reach stated objectives and translate those solutions into practical, measurable tasks and milestones. Interpersonal and communication skills are extremely important as you will be working with your team members, clients, senior executives, in-house personnel, and external vendors. Structure your project coordinator CV to highlight your leadership qualities and your ability to quickly meet goals and provide effective solutions to complicated issues.

Skills and Knowledge to Include in Your Project Coordinator CV

As you can see in the project coordinator CV example, your curriculum vitae is the place to highlight your particular skills and qualifications as they relate to the job and industry for which you are applying. Take special care in your professional summary section to mention your leadership experience, especially related to managing and completing projects. Your skills section is a good place to list any relevant proficiencies, such as your fluency in other languages or experience with organizational software programs. If you have participated in any relevant professional development courses or earned additional certifications you can include them in the education and training section. Tailor your descriptions in the work experience section to focus on your abilities to coordinate both financial and human resources.

Tips for Writing an Excellent CV

While it is important to tailor your CV to your industry, as shown in the project coordinator CV example, you should also follow general CV writing guidelines:

  • Make sure to format your CV to the standard A4 size, and use an easy-to-read font no smaller than 10pt.
  • Include all the relevant information on your CV in a concise way. The general guidelines for page length are one page for entry-level positions and two to three pages for upper-level positions. Each page should cover about 10 years of your career.
  • Order your work experiences in reverse chronological order with the most recent position first. Avoid referencing reasons why you left any previous jobs.
  • Personalize your CV by including information such as nationality, marital status, and hobbies, but avoid including anything that could be considered controversial, such as religious or political views.
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